wood fired pizza

Hello? Is this thing still on? 

Time to dust off the 'ol blog! 

I've got many sessions, trips and other fun things to post from last year. Surprisingly, not many are of my cats! Yes, I'm bummed too! 

First post goes back to last Forth of July. We headed up north to my father-in-law's. Some of his friends were making pizza in their wood fired oven. The fire had been started in the morning, meaning it would be hot enough by the evening for making pizzas. 

There was enough dough for everyone to make their own pizza, if not two. There was also every topping imaginable [even my favorite - green olives]. 

Baking time was only a few minutes and soon the pizzas, no two alike, were piling up. 

The night ended with everyone, completely stuffed, sitting around talking while a thunderstorm made it's way through.