wilmington, nc


It's winter in Wisconsin.  It's cold.  And boring.  So, let's take a trip down memory lane when I went to visit a friend in North Carolina. It was April 2008 and my friend Amber was living in Wilmington for a few months during residency for optometry school.  This gave me a good chance to visit her and see North Carolina.

Because it was so long ago, I can't remember the exact things we did or the places we went.  I'm  just keeping the pictures in the order they were taken and writing my thoughts / memories along the way.

The first thing I noticed when I landed were all the rocking chairs.  You N.Carolinians are obsessed with rocking chairs which made me laugh!  But, it's so endearing and cute.  Come to the Milwaukee airport and it's all stiff seats and places to eat.n.carolina-1

The first day we went to some place that had seagulls.  I'm sure if you are from the area you know exactly where I'm talking about...n.carolina-2

I noticed during this trip I took many pictures just because things were funny to me.  The Cellular Boutique.  Really?  I guess it's no different than all those kiosks at the mall that sell a million cell phone covers.  The point is, I don't get it.  Why are their so many options for something as simple as a cell phone?  [Sorry, a CELLULAR phone.]n.carolina-3

Rock out!  Sadly we didn't go into the Kiss Coffeehouse.  Just stood outside and made jokes.n.carolina-4

Not really sure why I took this picture.  Oh wait.  Most likely because it says jogging suits and cut off clothing.n.carolina-5


So ugly he's cute!n.carolina-7

Ohh, Myrtle Beach?  Maybe this was the day we left N.Carolina and drove south a bit.  n.carolina-8 n.carolina-9

n.carolina-10 n.carolina-11 n.carolina-12

Unfortunately, Amber had to work some of the days I was there, so I would spend my time walking around the city, taking pictures.n.carolina-13

At some point during a walk, a pedicab guy guilted me into taking a ride.  I was completely fine walking but I felt bad so I let him pedal me around a few blocks.  I probably didn't tip well, so sir, I apologize.n.carolina-14 n.carolina-15 n.carolina-16 n.carolina-17 n.carolina-18 n.carolina-19

One afternoon I went to the Airlie Gardens.n.carolina-20

Oh look!  Another random picture since I thought it was funny that tree parts were in a container.n.carolina-21 n.carolina-22

Back in the city on another walk and spotted this gem:n.carolina-23

Amber said a lot of TV shows were filmed in Wilmington, so I was kind of excited to see these signs and realized filming was going on nearby.n.carolina-25 n.carolina-26 n.carolina-27

Here is the USS North Carolina Battleship that we took a tour of.  It was quite impressive, yet I can't recall anything I learned.n.carolina-28 n.carolina-29


This drive was beautiful!  Loved the trees.  Just wish I could remember where this drive was to...n.carolina-31 n.carolina-32

And during the drive this guy appeared on the hood of Amber's car!  So, we stopped so I could take a picture and so we could get him to leave.  We didn't want him to get hurt.n.carolina-33

One of my last days there we went to visit Bald Head Island.  It was a nice boat trip over and walking around the island was a lot of fun.  Just wish we would have realized how much walking we would be doing and have brought sunscreen and better shoes.n.carolina-34 n.carolina-35 n.carolina-36 n.carolina-37 n.carolina-38 n.carolina-39 n.carolina-40 n.carolina-41 n.carolina-42

One last walk downtown.  Funny story: I was watching House Hunters not too long ago and before they had said what city they were in, I saw this building and knew they were in Wilmington!n.carolina-43 n.carolina-44

Glad I finally got to see them actually shooting some scenes for a TV show.  The show was Little Britain.  And, no that's not a woman in her underwear.  It's a guy dressed up as a woman.  I never watched the show, but I don't think it lasted longer than a season anyway.n.carolina-45

Found him.n.carolina-46

Last but not least, the highlight of the trip.  World's Largest Frying Pan.  We also did wine tasting this day.  It was good wine, sure, but nothing to write home about.  THIS IS:n.carolina-48

n.carolina-47 n.carolina-49 n.carolina-50