wedding flowers + plants

Planning the flowers and plants for the wedding was quite simple. I had a basic idea of what I wanted which made it easy. Probably the biggest conundrum was deciding where to purchase the plants. 


I knew I wanted my bouquet to include succulents and craspedia [aka billy balls / billy buttons]. When I went to the Avant Garden in Delafield, Sarah the wedding consultant was very helpful. She assured me that using succulents in my bouquet would work just fine [my mom was concerned the succulents might fall apart during the day]. Along with the succulents and craspedia, I wanted some white flowers - including queen anne's lace, although I was under the impression it was a weed. To my surprise, Sarah assured me there are different varieties of queen anne's lace, so they could use a non-weed variety. 

Both mine and Katie's bouquet turned out beautiful! Katie's was a smaller version of mine. 

Once the bouquet started to fall apart, I took the craspedia out and cut them to keep in a small vase Eric  gave me for my birthday last year.

I am happy to say the five succulents from my bouquet are still doing amazing! Currently I keep them in the bowls my brother made and a couple times a week I spray them with a bit of water.


I decided to buy my succulents online as it was less expensive to order them from California. Through a search on Etsy, I found Sanpedrocactus, a family that sells a wide variety of succulents. 

I bought both some rosette cuttings and potted succulents. The rosette cuttings worked great for decoration on the dinner tables in the bowls and sitting next to some of my photos. 

Also to my surprise - I still have some rosette cuttings that are alive! This may be a record for me.

The potted succulents came in a little reddish pot [shocking, I know] but I spray painted them gold. These plants found their way around the Fish Hatchery in the bathroom window ledges and other random places.


The air plants came from the Air Plant Design Studio located in Florida. I bought the large kit which included a variety of different air plants. These were placed on the dinner tables as well, along with other spots that needed a little extra something. 

I still have five of them [I told our guests to take some home, since I knew I would not be able to care for them all] and they are still doing well. Every time I talk about giving them a bath, people get confused. If you are part of that crowd, here is the run-down: 

Once a week I fill the kitchen sink with water and place the plants in the water upside down. I set the timer for 20 minutes. Sometimes either Eric or I will sing a bath-time song to the plants. After 20 minutes, I lay them on a towel and once they are no longer dripping wet, I put them back where I keep them.