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I thought I'd do a little post as a shout-out to a few of the great restaurants we visited while in Seattle and on Orcas Island. If you ever find yourself in the area, check out these places!

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We had been to Oddfellows our first time in Seattle years ago, but it was so great we went back.  It has fantastic food and a great atmosphere.

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Brown Bear Baking is new on Orcas Island.  I can't even recall what used to be in this space, but it doesn't matter as it looks fantastic now and has great tasting treats.

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While biking on Lopez Island, we stopped at Bucky's Grill and split the fish tacos.


However, that night back on Orcas, we apparently didn't have enough tacos and so we headed to Mijitas Mexican Kitchen for shrimp tacos.  Mijitas is a great little place in Eastsound on Orcas Island.  They have a great patio, but unfortunately it was a bit too chilly to be outside.

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Our last night in Seattle we got to meet up with some friends.  It's always a plus to know people in the city you are visiting since they will have great suggestions for restaurants!  They took us to Bizzarrro Italian Cafe.  The restaurant is quite small and it was packed so there was a bit of a wait - but it was worth it.

In addition to the kitschy decoration in the eating area, the bathrooms were equally as great.  As I went to the ladies room, there was something playing on the radio.  I wasn't paying close attention so I thought it was just a list of top songs from many years ago.  But then I saw a sign above the radio that read "700 Hobo Names".  When I mentioned it to the table when I returned, Eric realized it was was John Hodgman's audio book.  I then returned to the bathroom, with my camera, to actually listen to some of the names and take pictures of the great art.

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After supper, we said good-bye to our friends and headed to Hot Cakes before going back to the hotel.  Of course the line was out the door, but it gave us a chance to figure out what to order.

Oh, who am I kidding, we didn't need extra time to figure it out - we all knew it would be the one with peanut butter.

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