UWGB in yellow


Before I post the second half of  UWGB's Alumni Reunion Days, here is a little glimpse around campus.  All the yellows were amazing.  Yes, there were bits of red, orange, and maybe a little green as well...but nothing stood out as much as the yellow. uwgbfall-1 uwgbfall-2 uwgbfall-3 uwgbfall-4 uwgbfall-5 uwgbfall-6 uwgbfall-7 uwgbfall-8 uwgbfall-9 uwgbfall-11 uwgbfall-12 uwgbfall-13 uwgbfall-14 uwgbfall-15 uwgbfall-16 uwgbfall-17 uwgbfall-18 uwgbfall-19 uwgbfall-20 uwgbfall-21 uwgbfall-22 uwgbfall-23