uwgb alumni reunion days [day 2]


[Part 1 can be found here.] Day two of UWGB's Alumni Reunion Days started out with some meetings: the Alumni Association Annual Meeting, followed by the Outgoing Alumni Association Board Member Recognition.  From there it was onto Schmooza Palooza - in other words - brunch where alumni of all ages got to socialize / meet each other.

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Also during this time, there was face painting and balloon animal making going on in the Union.  The only reason I really went over to the booth was because I wanted to see if the balloon guy could make a sloth, but he was always busy and I decided the kids were more important than me trying to see what obscure animals he could create.

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After brunch I headed over to the Kress Center for some sports.  During my time as a student at UWGB, the only sports event I went to was boys basketball, so it was fun to go to the swimming and diving meet.  I had a media pass which allowed me to get closer to the pool.  It took me a while to get the courage to walk in that area though, since there's not much walking space between the wall and pool.  I was quite certain I would slip and fall in which a) would have been embarrassing b) would have ruined my camera gear and c) would make me hate pools even more.  But, I'm happy to report I did not fall in.  I did realize I'm not cut out for taking diving pictures though.

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Over in another part of the Kress Center there was more face painting / balloon animal making and a gym filled with a bouncy house and lots of other fun activities.  Some members of other various sports teams were playing sports with the kids.  Everyone was having a blast.

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As if this wasn't enough activity going on, there was also the women's basketball home opener against Northern Michigan.  I'm a little jealous of this new gym [which was not there when I was in school].  It was neat to see part of a game in the new [to me] gym and also to sit court-side to get some pictures.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will see I posted a sad picture of my tiny little lens next to another photographer's lenses.  It was a bit intimidating to be sitting next to him, but I think my 85mm lens did its job.

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Hopefully this event will happen again next year and draw even more alumni.  It's a fantastic way to see old friends, meet other alumni, and see how great the campus looks.