UWGB - 9 year reunion


Back in June, some college friends and I met up in Green Bay for lunch and to visit UWGB.  After nine years, some things on campus were the same, while others were quite different. It was fun to walk around reminiscing about good ol' times and notice all the changes [and possibly be a bit jealous of those changes].

We ate lunch at Titletown Brewing Company as our 'last supper' had been there back in 2004.  [Pictures below are NOT of the restaurant, but across from it - just in case you are thinking 'what a weird looking restaurant'.]


Glad this little girl could join us for the day!

gb-3 gb-4 gb-5 gb-6

Downstairs has now turned into The Phoenix Club?  Looks like it's a nightclub / bad comedy club [sorry].


With all the changes made in the Union, you'd think they would have gotten rid of this painting.  Nope.


The Nic [is it still called that?] pretty much looks the same, although we spent a great amount of time trying to determine if it has been expanded or not.

gb-11 gb-12


A nice new bookstore!  [That unfortunately was closed the day we were there.]

gb-14 gb-15 gb-16 gb-17 gb-18 gb-19 gb-20

A great place to sit and watch The Price is Right between classes.

gb-21 gb-22 gb-24 gb-25 gb-26 gb-27 gb-29

The tunnels connecting the buildings.  Yes, we were spoiled.  I'm not ashamed.

gb-30 gb-31

And if you think our tunnels were just boring, long halls.  Take another look.  Best place to study / hang out before class.  Sure those carpet walls are from the 70s, but I'm sure they've been cleaned once or twice...

gb-32 gb-33

Ohh, another sweet study spot.

gb-34 gb-35 gb-38 gb-39gb-41 gb-42 gb-43 gb-44

The Kress Center was completed after we graduated.  They actually have enough workout equipment now, so you don't need to stand around waiting for a machine.

gb-47 gb-48 gb-49 gb-53 gb-54 gb-55

gb-56 gb-57

Kenley's first trip through the woods to the scary chapel.  She braved the heat and mosquitos!


The day ended with some frozen yogurt and a wonderful cloudy drive home.

gb-60 gb-61 gb-62 gb-63

Thanks for your memories UWGB.  And I see you are trying to one-up our reunion.  Maybe you should have asked for our help, as we throw a pretty good reunion ourselves.