tour de fat


[I don't consider myself a strong writer and sometimes it can be daunting to do a little write up for posts.  That's why I have gotten Eric to write about our adventure at the Tour de Fat this year.  Thanks Eric!]

A few weeks ago I was able to combine three of my favorite things; bicycles, beer and the city of Milwaukee when New Belgium Brewery's Tour de Fat rolled into town.  For the uninitiated, the Tour de Fat is a traveling carnival that celebrates bicycles, good beer and having a good time.  An added benefit is that the event also raises money for local non-profits, which in Milwaukee's case the event raised money for the Bike Federation of Wisconsin.  This was the third year for the TDF in Milwaukee and the second time that Jessica and I made it down for the fun.  Although we were only able to spend a few hours there (due to a prior engagement) we made the most of it by getting there as soon as the bike parade made it back to the festival grounds.  The bike parade is a spectacle to behold, hundreds of costumed riders cruising the city streets while grinning from gear to gear (bicycle pun!).  We stood on the sidelines and enjoyed witnessing the revelry.  After the parade the riders and spectators make their way to the festival grounds for the day's entertainment.  The grounds feature crazy games, crazy bike rodeo, food tents, beer tents (of course) and two stages featuring variety acts and music.

The first act of the day was the Devil Dan Show.  Words can't describe the silliness and child like enthusiasm of this performer.  As you can see, Devil Dan is serious about having fun performing for the audience (and waving his "cape").  The act included thrilling paddle-ball stunts, corny jokes, a rumble with Devil Dan's rival yo-yo gang and the fulfillment of Dan's prediction that his father would finally make it to one of his performances.

Following the Devil Dan show was the yo-yo act of yo-yo people.  A husband and wife duo that put on an amazing display of yo-yo skills.  Peppering in some silly jokes, hula hooping and crowd participation the yo-yo people put on a very fun show.

Even though the festival was just getting started we had to head out.   Luckily we did manage to catch a few songs performed by the Cleverly's.  The Cleverly's like to play "that truh-dish-unal bluegrass mew-sic" you know, like Black Eyed Peas and Fergie (pronounced as "Fer-gee").  That's right, they play bluegrass versions of modern pop hits.  All you can do is smile and sing along as the Cleverlys pick away at songs you hear on top 40 stations.

As we rode off I took a peek back at the festival grounds and wondered what fun we would be missing for the remainder of the day.  Hopefully next year our schedule will allow us to stick around for the entire carnival.