Tim + Kristen


A few weeks ago Ester asked if I'd like to accompany her on the engagement photo shoot for Tim and Kristen.  I've also been asked to be the second shooter at the wedding, so this was a good chance to meet the couple and of course spend some time at Grant Park and the lakefront taking pictures. From the small amount of time I spent with Tim and Kristen, I can tell they are a wonderful couple - full of love, fun, and life.  Luckily Kristen wasn't shy to ask halfway during the shoot why I seemed familiar (as I had been thinking the same about her - but was too afraid to ask).  Turns out we both went to college at UWGB (go Phoenix!) so chances are we saw each other around campus.

I look forward to helping Ester with the wedding.   And I can't wait to see these two again on their wedding day!