the w family

After the morning session with a boy and his three dogs, I met up with the W family. I had been around all these kids earlier in the year at a few birthday parties so they weren't too shy around me. 

The youngest, Brynleigh, hung out quietly while her brothers and sister ran around. I love capturing kids being kids so I'm glad they did their thing while I snapped some pictures. Owen and Oliver found some great sticks and for a little while were using them as bats to hit the tiny bouncy ball that Briar had brought with her. 

We then got some family pictures right before throwing the kids on a pile while they all laughed hysterically - which was quite contagious I might add. 

As the session was ending, Briar suddenly remembered she forgot to put on her cross earrings and asked for one more picture to show them off. 

It was a great way to end the weekend with these adorable kids!