The Shins


Through connections, Eric and I were lucky to get free passes for Lollapalooza last Friday.  I really want to complain about how hot and uncomfortable the whole day was and how things just weren’t going how we had expected. However,  I will instead share pictures that will show the positives of the day.

We started out hearing a few songs by Metric.  From there we headed over to the main stage.  No one was playing but we went to hang out on the side platform of the stage.  We watched as the crew set up for The Shins while listening to The Head and the Heart from a stage across the way.

We stayed for about half of The Shins set before giving up for the day and heading out.

It's always good to hear some good, live music - I guess we just underestimated how old we are when it comes to being able to tolerate heat, humidity, and crowds.