the J family

Soon after Tessa was born last summer, I got to meet her along with her wonderful family. While Tessa slept most of the session, her big sister Teya was wide awake and ready to play. I'm pretty sure she would have let her dad push her on the swing almost all day. 

Also wanting to play was the family's golden retriever Bucky who didn't get the memo that I was there to take pictures, not throw his tennis ball. Lucky for Bucky and the other pup Rosie, I always have time to throw a ball or give pets. 

Six months later I returned! It was right before Christmas and the weather was fantastic. Instead of snow, the forecast was threatening rain! However, we dodged the rain and were lucky to be able to go outside in just long sleeves and not freeze!

Tessa had grown so much since I had last seen her. She also gave some adorable smiles. Teya was a champ and held her baby sister for a few pictures, just like she had in our first session. 

Again the pups were there and did so well for pictures. I just love how they snuggled up to one another in the family shot. 

I'm so glad that I got to visit this family twice last year.