sam + drew get married, part 4

My last post left off with Samantha getting ready for the ceremony. Here, I pick up where Sam and Drew have their first look. 

My brother Ben arrived in town just before this was about to take place and was given a video camera which he'd be in charge of for the day. Ben and I led Drew down towards the lake [where the ceremony initially would have been held if not for the high water] to wait for Sam. 

Ben stayed with Drew, as I went to get Sam. Here are the moments that followed.

After their first look it was time to head to Memorial Park in Washburn, where the ceremony would take place. Sam's niece Capri, and Drew's niece Natalie were to proceed the couple down the aisle. Instead of flowers, however, they held little driftwood signs with "Here They Come" and "To Have and To Hold" written on them. For just meeting moments earlier, you will see they were fast friends.

The ceremony started with Sam's parents walking her across a bridge. From there, Sam met up with Drew as they walked down the aisle together. 

A Bayfield county court commissioner officiated the ceremony. The couple read their own vows, exchanged rings, and united the sands gathered days earlier. 

After everything was official, we took a few more pictures while the kids played on the playground before heading over to the restaurant for dinner. 

Everyone headed over to Good Thyme for dinner. Before everyone sat down for the meal, there were some family photos taken outside. 

Once inside there was lots of great conversations and a wonderful meal. The bride's brother gave a toast and her Grandma gave a sentimental gift. 

The night ended with some gambling at the hotel. I am not sure how much others spent, but Katie, Andy, and I used the free $15 given to us [for staying at the resort] to see what we could win. I think I walked away with $9 and a little change while Katie and Andy hit it big time [as seen in their expressions below] and combined won less than a dollar.  

The couple couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect and it was apparent everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the newly wed couple! 

sam + drew get married, part 3

I thought I would be able to put Sam and Drew's entire wedding day into one post, but I guess not. There are too many pictures to share! So be prepared for many pictures and a few more posts. 

Katie, Andy, and I started out the day at The Egg Toss [thanks for the recommendation, Rachel!] for breakfast. It is a popular place! Also, their egg white omelet is huge. Even when your waitress warns you it will be huge and you think you understand, you really don't until it arrives [sorry I have no photographic proof]. 

After breakfast it was time to head to Ashland since a few of the ladies had hair appointments at Escape by the Lake. I had fun hanging out at the salon capturing these moments.

The appointments took a bit longer than expected, so we needed to quickly return to the hotel to finish getting ready.

While Sam was changing into her beautiful dress, with the help of her mom, our Grandma and uncle arrived. The room was filled with smiles and excitement until we found out the hotel had given away our Grandma and uncle's room.

Here's where I should state that this information should not be given to a bride on her wedding day. Don't let the bride know about these issues! [Yes, I'm also talking about the restaurant call Sam received that stated there needed to be a change with one of the meats being served that evening.]

Everything worked out in the end, but a bride has enough to worry about, and there are plenty of other people willing to help out with issues that arise the day of. 

Anyway, back to the pictures. 

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of Sam getting ready!

wedding attire

My dress hunting started in the beginning of the year. I had a few dresses in mind, but it meant I would need to travel to Chicago to try them on. My mom, cousin and I picked a day to head to Chicago to look at wedding and bridesmaid dresses. 

Our first stop was at J.Crew. I tried on quite a few, including a cotton one which I hesitated to try on [it was on my list, but not until I saw it did I realize it was cotton]. 

After J.Crew we had a bit of time before heading to our appointment at BHLDN. We ate lunch and stopped to pick up some Glazed donuts to take home to our guys.

After both of those stops, we still had some time to kill. It was February, but luckily it wasn't too cold out, so it was nice to walk around the windy city. On our way to BHLDN, I saw a sign reading "SPRINKLES CUPCAKE ATM". I had heard of the cupcake atm before, but figured my mom hadn't and would get a kick out of it as she works at a bank.

My cousin tried to buy a cupcake out of the machine but broke it - err, I mean it got stuck. We eventually went inside the store [boring] and bought a cupcake that we all shared. 

We finally made our way to BHLDN where I tried on three dresses - only one which I deemed to be a possibility. 

After that day in Chicago, I think I knew in my mind which dress I wanted but I still showed a few friends the pictures of what I tried on to get opinions. In the end I choose the cotton dress from J.Crew which I almost didn't try on! But in the end, it felt the most "me". Also, it had pockets.



Eric's journey to find a suit was a little bit easier. He ordered two different suits online to try and he also tried one on at J.Crew. He ended up with a suit from Bonobos. His shirt was from Banana Republic Factory.



Katie, my matron-of-honor's dress was also from J.Crew [we had already decided on that during our trip to Chicago.] Unfortunately I can't tell you much about what Brian was wearing, except we bought him the tie! We just wanted him in a suit, looking sharp, which is exactly what he did. We are pretty easy-going that way. 



As for other little details, my necklace and his tie clip were from J.Crew. There's a story to go along with his tie clip, but I will save that for another post. [Tie shown below is a tie my mom made with material that belonged to my Great-Grandma. Eric wore it for rehearsal.]

My belt, earrings and hair clip were from Anthropologie

Eric's shoes were Original Penguin Brogue wing tip while mine were B.A.I.T. Hailey in yellow. 

Oh yes, and I should also mention my make-up was done by my good friend Rachel! Kind of wish I had her on hand daily. 

[Of course this post was not sponsored by any of the places mentioned. Do you really think that many people read my website that I would get a spiff for mentioning them? Well, except Rachel. She may have paid me to say she's a great make-up artist...]