catching up x2

I met up with my friends at the Pope Farm Conservatory last summer during their annual Sunflower Days. Neither of us had ever been, so we thought it would be a great place to visit and take a few pictures.

The fields upon fields of sunflowers WERE amazing, however the crowds and heat were not.

We ended up walking away from the sunflower fields and found gorgeous other locations I hope to visit again soon. 

I ended up meeting this next family thanks to another family of twins you'll see later on in this post. 

We met up on a warm and sunny morning at Riverside Park in Watertown. The twins, who I will admit I could not tell apart, had a fun time following the ducks around [and maybe picking up a feather to two]. The older two had fun chasing each other around. 

Our session was a lot of fun and even grandma and grandpa came for some pictures. They were also lifesavers since the twins weren't too into group photos, but being able to hold onto their grandparent's cell phones made them both happy campers. 

At the end of the session all the kids ran around the playground and I think it's safe to say everyone had had a fun time. 

I was excited to meet up with Jeff, Kersten and their soon-to-be one year old for pictures in Cottage Grove. This handsome little guy did so great and had a smile on his face almost the whole time. We could have done without the thousands of mosquitos, but we braved them and still had a great time. 

More Twins! These two were very adventurous and had a great time walking around Riverside Park. After all, there's so much to do, like rocks to climb and ducks to chase. After the park we headed to the family's new home which is conveniently next to a golf course. Since their dad loves to golf, he's already started to teach the boys. I was impressed with how well both these guys could already hit the ball! 

twins o + k

I met these two handsome twins, Owen + Kellen, last summer. They were full of energy which made our session a lot of fun.

They ran around the park finding the biggest branches they could, pointing out bridges and chasing ducks. Their dad arrived about a half hour after they did, and as their mom predicted, these two couldn't contain their excitement to see him. 

I'm sure they would have stayed at the park all night, but before we knew it, the sun was setting and it was time to go home. Spending time with this lovely family was a great way to end the day.