Wash / Van Trip [part 6]

On the sixth day of our trip we made our way off Vancouver Island. We left our cute little cabin and stopped at Coastal Kitchen Cafe for a delicious breakfast before heading to the ferry. 

The ferry ride was beautiful. Again, most people sat inside reading or talking while we walked around the whole ferry taking in all the sights. 

Once we arrived in the city, we stopped at Lucky's Doughnuts for a treat and coffee. Their salted caramel old fashion may be my favorite doughnut ever [that is some high praise!]. 

The Airbnb we stayed at wasn't too far from Lucky's. It was a cute little place which worked perfect for us.

It was the middle of the afternoon and we didn't feel like driving after we had spent most of our day already in the car and on the ferry. We ended up walking to Queen Elizabeth Park which was about a mile and a half away. The gardens were beautiful and the views of the city weren't too bad either. On our walk back home we were treated to an amazing sunset which was quite nice too.

We ended the night by eating at Tacofino, a restaurant which originated as a food truck in Tofino [on Vancouver Island]. 

san francisco [day 1]

This past January Eric and I traveled back to San Francisco. In most cases I like to travel to new places [Seattle / San Juan Islands excluded from that statement], but Sketchfest was calling our names again.

We went for the first time in 2013 and had so much fun, we had to return. Our plane left on a Thursday morning and once we had arrived and checked into our room, we went for a walk. It was too early for supper and we had just been sitting most of the day. 

Eventually we ended up at Mikkeller and sat down for a beer. A very good beer I might add.

By now we were started to get hungry so we made our way over to Uno Dos for some delicious tacos.

We hadn't planned to see any shows at Sketchfest this first night, but instead wanted to check out the Exploratorium. Since it was Thursday, it was open from 6-10 pm for their adults only After Dark event and we had read there would be exploding ping pong balls. 

The Exploratorium was huge! I'm sure we could have spent a whole day there if we really wanted to look at everything. It was a bit overwhelming that there was so much to see and do. 

Before 9:00 we made our way over to where the ping pong balls would be exploding. I didn't get a picture since we were told to cover our ears, but you can see a video of it here. There were over 3000 ping pong balls in a garbage can which exploded when liquid nitrogen, which had been in a sealed bottle, exploded. Now that's how you end your first night in San Fran. 

new york, food

While in New York, we found some great eateries - all which were different from our first trip to New York. 

Our first night in the city we ate at Tacombi. I think I can safely say the the main draw of checking out this place was the VW bus that was in the center of the restaurant. The second main draw was tacos. 

For our second night in the city we ate at Roberta's. It was located in a strange neighborhood, with nothing much around it except warehouses and graffiti. The actual building Roberta's was in was quite amazing though, and it was partially built in an old shipping container. 

I wish I could remember what was all on our pizza, but it was quite amazing. Looks like arugula, shallots, prosciutto?  If only it wasn't the daily special and I could look it up on their menu. Not that I could recreate this as good as it was there though...

Later on that evening we were walking around in the crazy wind and ran across OddFellows Ice Cream. Burnt Marshmallow ice cream was a great treat that gave us a break from walking around outside. 

After we had gone to Carolines On Broadway on our third night, it was quite late and we were hungry as we hadn't eaten before the comedy show. We luckily made it to Randolph Beer before they stopped serving food. I would go back just for the corn.

There was actually one place we went to twice - Building on Bond. It was a few blocks from our hotel and we went there for brunch the day we arrived and for lunch before heading to the airport. 

Building on Bond was a very unique, awesome space. I just realized this is the only place I didn't take pictures of our food - but trust me it was good, otherwise we wouldn't have gone twice in our 4 short days in New York.