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Like I mentioned recently, I still have a couple wedding posts I wanted to share from our wedding back in May. 

Here are some pictures and a bit of a tutorial on how I went about making the three light-up signs we had at the reception. 

The paper mache 8" letters were bought from JoAnn Fabric [purchased of course when they were $1 off each]. 

Using a craft knife I cut around the edge of each letter. On some of them, once I started to cut through, I could pull back the rest. Inside was paper filler that fell out. 

Since the edges were a little rough, I used sandpaper to smooth them out. 

Next step was to take a screw punch to make holes where the lights would go through. There was no rhyme or reason to where I punched the holes - I just placed them were I thought they'd look best. 

Once the holes were punched, I painted the inside and outside of each letter gold. Spray paint I'm sure would have worked just as well and possibly have gone quicker, but I think I initially went with paint since it was the middle of winter and I didn't want to go in the freezing garage to use spray paint. 

I don't have many pictures of the next steps, but basically my dad made a great wooden platform which he glued the letters on. We then stuck the lightbulbs in the letters. I will admit the back didn't look too pretty, but we did our best and honestly in a darker room it doesn't really matter. 

What we ended up with were three amazing signs for our wedding reception: DONUT, GAMES, and DRINKS. 

Here are two of them lit up in all their glory [photos courtesy of Ester Robards].

old signs / new signs

Many years ago I found signs that my grandparents had used at their wedding. I wish I would know more about the history behind them - who made them, where they were made, what do some of them mean [ie: "the bunch"?]. Unfortunately I don't have many answers, but I can show you how neat they are!

I enjoy that the menu was written in pencil on the Dutch Lunch sign.

I also enjoy that I can't take pictures without two certain cats trying to steal the spotlight.

For our signs, I kept the original idea, but used the fonts from our invites. I only made three signs since they were the only ones that really made sense for our set up.

Even though it was a small decoration that some people may not have noticed, it was a favorite of mine because of the meaning behind it.