the sticker

My cats are obsessed with stickers. Just like a lot of other pets, they don't need fancy toys. Empty boxes, paper bags and apparently stickers are good enough for them.

I think it started last year when we had gotten a Bike Fed sticker and for whatever reason, Eric placed it [with the backing still on] between the mirror and frame in our spare bedroom. Herbie did not like that the sticker was there so he'd grab it with his mouth or paw at it until it came down. 

This became a game. 

Herbie was obsessed. Not only with the new game, but with the sticker in general. He started to carry it around the house. We'd find it all over, including the basement. There'd be a long stretch of time when we wouldn't see it. I'd ask Eric, "have you seen the sticker lately?" and he hadn't. And then later that day it would just appear. This happened more than once. 

You can imagine how torn up and disgusting this sticker looked. Herbie has since been through a few Bike Fed stickers and when I threw the last one away I wondered what we could use next. 

Well, we needn't worry - I have a BOX full of old stickers. We are set for a very long time. 

Maude now likes playing the mirror game, but she could care less about carrying a lame sticker around. She's above that.