wood fired pizza

Hello? Is this thing still on? 

Time to dust off the 'ol blog! 

I've got many sessions, trips and other fun things to post from last year. Surprisingly, not many are of my cats! Yes, I'm bummed too! 

First post goes back to last Forth of July. We headed up north to my father-in-law's. Some of his friends were making pizza in their wood fired oven. The fire had been started in the morning, meaning it would be hot enough by the evening for making pizzas. 

There was enough dough for everyone to make their own pizza, if not two. There was also every topping imaginable [even my favorite - green olives]. 

Baking time was only a few minutes and soon the pizzas, no two alike, were piling up. 

The night ended with everyone, completely stuffed, sitting around talking while a thunderstorm made it's way through. 

new york, food

While in New York, we found some great eateries - all which were different from our first trip to New York. 

Our first night in the city we ate at Tacombi. I think I can safely say the the main draw of checking out this place was the VW bus that was in the center of the restaurant. The second main draw was tacos. 

For our second night in the city we ate at Roberta's. It was located in a strange neighborhood, with nothing much around it except warehouses and graffiti. The actual building Roberta's was in was quite amazing though, and it was partially built in an old shipping container. 

I wish I could remember what was all on our pizza, but it was quite amazing. Looks like arugula, shallots, prosciutto?  If only it wasn't the daily special and I could look it up on their menu. Not that I could recreate this as good as it was there though...

Later on that evening we were walking around in the crazy wind and ran across OddFellows Ice Cream. Burnt Marshmallow ice cream was a great treat that gave us a break from walking around outside. 

After we had gone to Carolines On Broadway on our third night, it was quite late and we were hungry as we hadn't eaten before the comedy show. We luckily made it to Randolph Beer before they stopped serving food. I would go back just for the corn.

There was actually one place we went to twice - Building on Bond. It was a few blocks from our hotel and we went there for brunch the day we arrived and for lunch before heading to the airport. 

Building on Bond was a very unique, awesome space. I just realized this is the only place I didn't take pictures of our food - but trust me it was good, otherwise we wouldn't have gone twice in our 4 short days in New York.

fall in minnesota

In October, Eric and I went to Minnesota for two main reasons: to visit my brother and to see Neko Case in concert. We arrived on a Thursday, the night of the concert.  Eric, my brother, his friend, and I started out the evening by stopping at Element Pizza to pick up supper.  We then took the pizzas to Dangerous Man Brewing Co.  What a great find!  The Brewery doesn't serve food, so they encourage you to bring in food from other places.

mn-1 mn-2 mn-3 mn-4 mn-5 mn-6

We kind of lost track of time and before we knew it we needed to head over to First Avenue for the concert.  I've wanted to see Neko for a long time, so I'm glad I finally got the opportunity.  Also, it was nice to go to a venue other than the ones we normally attend in Wisconsin.

mn-7 mn-8 mn-9

Friday morning we headed over to visit the farm my brother is living as well as helping out on.  There's a dog and turkeys and cows and cats and goats…and it's pretty much the best.

mn-10 mn-11 mn-12 mn-13 mn-14 mn-15 mn-16 mn-17 mn-18 mn-19 mn-20 mn-21 mn-22 mn-23 mn-24 mn-25 mn-26 mn-27 mn-28 mn-29

From the farm we drove over to the Carpenter Nature Center.  Minnesota still had some great color - mostly yellows and reds. It was a little chilly, but still a great day for a walk around the little nature trail.

mn-30 mn-31 mn-32 mn-33 mn-34 mn-35 mn-36 mn-37 mn-38 mn-39 mn-40 mn-41 mn-42 mn-43 mn-44 mn-45 mn-46 mn-47 mn-48 mn-49 mn-50 mn-51 mn-52

Thanks for having us Minnesota.  You never disappoint.