kenley turns two

A couple weeks before Kenley turned two, I took a few pictures of her. You may have seen some of the valentine ones here, but these are some additional ones we took that same day. 

Onto her actual party. It was Peter Pan themed. Kenley loves Peter Pan, maybe because her parents read her the book every night before bed.

I know the basic Peter Pan storyline, but compared to Kenley, I know nothing! She knows all the character's names. She's basically a Peter Pan expert. 

Her party had pages from a book cut out for banners all around the living room. There was also Peter Pan's shadow, some treasure maps and awesome Peter Pan inspired foods such as Tic Toc Crocks, Pirate Swords, Gold Doubloons, Smee's Meatballs and Fairy Wands. 

Kenley had a lot of fun opening all her gifts. Although, she would have been content just reading the first book she got and leaving the rest of the gifts for later. 

She continued though, and as you will see was really excited to get a Hook doll from her grandparents! 

Thanks for the fun party, Kenley! Can't wait until next year! 

P.S. Playing the game Sequence has now become an official tradition at your party and I can't wait until you can join in the fun!