kenley turns two

A couple weeks before Kenley turned two, I took a few pictures of her. You may have seen some of the valentine ones here, but these are some additional ones we took that same day. 

Onto her actual party. It was Peter Pan themed. Kenley loves Peter Pan, maybe because her parents read her the book every night before bed.

I know the basic Peter Pan storyline, but compared to Kenley, I know nothing! She knows all the character's names. She's basically a Peter Pan expert. 

Her party had pages from a book cut out for banners all around the living room. There was also Peter Pan's shadow, some treasure maps and awesome Peter Pan inspired foods such as Tic Toc Crocks, Pirate Swords, Gold Doubloons, Smee's Meatballs and Fairy Wands. 

Kenley had a lot of fun opening all her gifts. Although, she would have been content just reading the first book she got and leaving the rest of the gifts for later. 

She continued though, and as you will see was really excited to get a Hook doll from her grandparents! 

Thanks for the fun party, Kenley! Can't wait until next year! 

P.S. Playing the game Sequence has now become an official tradition at your party and I can't wait until you can join in the fun! 

marianna turns 1

Last October little Marianna turned one. I was asked to take pictures of the celebration her parents threw for her. 

Because her birthday was so close to Halloween, the room was decorated with spooky spider rings, pumpkins, and an amazing cut-out haunted house Marianna's mom made herself! There were also games, like bean bag toss and mini golf for the kids [AND adults] to enjoy. 

It should also be mentioned that it was Marianna's father's birthday too! He turned 30, so he got to wear an Over the Hill party hat and a "30 Rocks!" button. He also received a replica World Cup trophy. 

The party was filled with plenty of food and tons of laughter - a great way to celebrate Marianna turning ONE!

katie's baby shower

Last year was the year of parties for my family. There were two weddings, a group birthday party, and finally a baby shower. The shower was for my cousin Katie and took place in October, about a month before she was due with her first baby. 

I helped to create the invites and some of the games [although I should mention that my other cousin Sam helped me think of game ideas]. 

One of the games we played was shower libs which was quite fun. Personally, I felt the best results came from those who didn't answer theirs so seriously.

There also was a baby animal game I put together where you had to match the animal with its baby name. Luckily it wasn't as easy as I feared it might be and no one got a perfect score! 

[click to enlarge pictures]

We also had everyone take a piece of yarn and cut it to the size they believed Katie's belly was. One of Katie's good friends got the closest with being just a few MILLIMETERS off. That's some good guessing. 

There was also a basket of diapers and everyone was encouraged to write a little message and slip the piece of paper in the diaper for Katie and Andy to read while changing the newborn. 

As little party favors on the tables, I put together milk cartons [I mean, how perfect is that for a dairy farmer?!] and put animal crackers inside. 

Many of Katie's family and friends attended. Some even came from out of state! We all had fun teasing Katie how both her and Andy were chunky little babies and how at a young age had the same haircut [see picture below]! 

Katie received many wonderful gifts she would be needing within the next couple of weeks. I think it's safe to say everyone had a wonderful time and it was definitely a nice party to end the year of the parties with. 

henry's first birthday

I am so happy that Henry's mom found me online last year and asked me to take pictures at her son's first birthday party. Everything about this party was a joy to capture. There were great decorations / personal touches including pictures of Henry throughout his first year, artwork he had made and all of his favorite food for everyone to eat. And since I'm a sucker for the little details, the fact that they had Oh Henry! mini candy bars was the best! 

There were also many fun activities like guessing the amount of clothespins in a jar [since Henry LOVES clothespins] and filling out a survey to guess things about Henry's life in the years to come. 

I am quite certain that Henry had a blast at his party. I never saw that little guy upset. 

Also, Henry's family was very inviting and it felt like I was surrounded by people I had known for a long time. But maybe that was because there was polka music playing which makes me feel right at home.

When it came time for Henry to eat his first cupcake, he was a little timid at first. Soon after, he realized how delicious cake and frosting were and started to devour it. He also had some help from others showing him to pat his head, which of course is why he got cake in his hair! 

Even despite a few rain showers here and there, it was a perfect day to celebrate a first birthday!

my bridal shower

Last Sunday, my cousin [and matron of honor] Katie threw me a bridal shower.  It was great to see friends and family that I don't see on a regular basis.  

Katie did a great job hosting as well as decorating her house!  Here's a little peak at the party. 

It was a great time + I thank everyone for everything they did for me that day. 

Below I want to show off part of my grandma's present because it's wonderful.  Grandma thinks I'm so great at embroidery, but I believe the opposite - she is.  I now have a cat dish towel for every day of the week, as well as a beautiful tablecloth.  All hand embroidered by her. 

And because it would be wrong to end this post without cat pictures, here are a bunch from after the party.  I was possibly playing with cats instead of helping pick up / take things to the car.  But, just look at little kitty Huck.  You would do the same thing.