oreo party, part 2

I had a lot of fun making things for the Oreo Party. The first thing I made was the invite. I really wish I could take credit for the text, but it was something I remember hearing back in middle school. I didn't listen to the New Kids on the Block, but knew of them because of a neighbor who was into them. I can't tell you exactly who came up with the parody, but I remember a good friend told me about it and I thought it was hilarious. Now years later, the joke makes it onto an invite for an Oreo party. Pretty crazy. 

[UPDATE: I just learned that Weird Al wrote the Oreo parody of NKOTB's 'The Right Stuff'. My childhood feels like a lie because I wasn't told that until now. Bummer. However, I do want to thank Liz for pointing out my mistake. I'm sure the rest of you are just laughing behind my back for not knowing, which isn't very nice!]

Before I go into more details about decorations, I want to show that Herbie is a good helper and likes to be involved in photo shoots. 

Back to the decorations. I thought it would be nice to have signs by each Oreo. I could have kept all the Oreos in their original packaging, but what fun would that be? They needed to be nicely presented, so I convinced my friend Megan [who has the best handwriting ever] to write each flavor on black card stock. 

Megan also helped me with tassel garland [seen above next to the invites] which was quite easy after following some directions I found online. It was also a very cheap project as the tissue paper was on clearance at Target. 

A few weeks before the party, I found this amazing Ziggy cartoon in the free Wednesday paper we get. It was fate. 

It was probably a few days before the party that I randomly remembered I had an autographed picture of Chubby Checker with an Oreo mascot. Luckily it was in my autograph binder [yes, I have a binder of autographs, most more embarrassing than this] and it was easy to find. My memory tells me that I got this as a young girl while grocery shopping with my mom at Pick 'N Save one Saturday morning. My mom has not been able to confirm nor deny this memory, so I will just stick with it. 

If you saw my post about my cousin's baby shower, you've seen these milk cartons before. I had a bunch left over so I decided to decorate them with black and white washi tape, stamp OREO on them and use them for people to take extra cookies home in. 

The straws and napkins I had were bought at Target. The super cute cups are from Susty Party [I used some of their plates for my wedding reception and I love their products]. 

There were a bunch of cookies left after the Oreo party, even though everyone took some home. Since I still had some of each cookie left, I thought it would be fun to take pictures of each flavor. 

Below you click to enlarge any cookie you'd like [but you can't eat it, sorry]. 

oreo party, part 1

It's no secret that there are TONS of Oreo flavors. Most of time new flavors seem intriguing, but if you are me, you don't want to spend money on a pack of Oreos that you may end up hating and throwing away. 

The best solution to this problem I found was to throw an Oreo party! So last fall, that's what I did. Between 12 people we tried SEVENTEEN different Oreos: chocolate, cookie dough, mint, birthday cake, caramel apple, berry, banana split, watermelon, heads / tails double stuf, pumpkin spice, triple double, peanut butter cup, lemon, limeade, fruit punch, peanut butter, and root beer. 

We had almost every Oreo offered, minus some of the basic ones like regular Oreos [boring], reduced fat [what's the point?] and double stuf [which I personally think are the best, but everyone has tried them already]. 

Before bringing out the Oreos we had lunch, you know, to try and get some healthy food in our bellies before all the sugar to come. After lunch we hung out in the backyard talking / playing before getting to the cookies. 

Eventually everyone was ready to try some Oreos, so a few of us went inside to set up the table. One by one, people would come in from outside and every single person that walked in would exclaim 'whoa, it smells like sugar in here!'. 

Only one of my friends ate one whole cookie of each flavor [way to go John!] while the rest of us mainly picked at all the cookies just to get a taste. Some even tried to mix flavors. 

And of course, milk was on hand. We even had some fresh milk, thanks to Katie and Andy's cows. 

Here's some random thoughts after cookie tasting: 

Here are a few pictures from the party. In my next post I'll have some additional pictures of the decorations as well as MORE cookie pictures!