the S family

Last May I met this wonderful family. They wanted some family pictures before their newest addition arrived. 

We met one night before sunset at Lapham Peak. Alan was raring to go. He did so well with taking pictures, but honestly probably had more fun running around. Or collecting pine cones and throwing them. I don't blame him. 

It was a beautiful evening to spend with this family of 3, soon to be 4. 

A couple months later I was able to see everyone again, including Robin! What a doll she was. 

Here are some of my photos from the second session with the family. Alan makes a pretty great big brother, don't you think? 

Thanks again for the fun sessions guys! 

the sticker

My cats are obsessed with stickers. Just like a lot of other pets, they don't need fancy toys. Empty boxes, paper bags and apparently stickers are good enough for them.

I think it started last year when we had gotten a Bike Fed sticker and for whatever reason, Eric placed it [with the backing still on] between the mirror and frame in our spare bedroom. Herbie did not like that the sticker was there so he'd grab it with his mouth or paw at it until it came down. 

This became a game. 

Herbie was obsessed. Not only with the new game, but with the sticker in general. He started to carry it around the house. We'd find it all over, including the basement. There'd be a long stretch of time when we wouldn't see it. I'd ask Eric, "have you seen the sticker lately?" and he hadn't. And then later that day it would just appear. This happened more than once. 

You can imagine how torn up and disgusting this sticker looked. Herbie has since been through a few Bike Fed stickers and when I threw the last one away I wondered what we could use next. 

Well, we needn't worry - I have a BOX full of old stickers. We are set for a very long time. 

Maude now likes playing the mirror game, but she could care less about carrying a lame sticker around. She's above that. 

sam + leo

I've been lucky to photograph these brothers a few times now. However, the last time I did, it was for the youngest Leo's first birthday party. He was mobile back then, but not too fast. Now these two guys are both running around, chasing each other. This can make for a fun photo shoot. 

We had a nice, warm day last June for pictures however were taken by surprise by all the lifeguards training at the beach that we met at. It derailed our plans a bit but we were able to work around it and still have a fun morning. 

battle creek beef + bison

Two weeks ago I was coming home from two photo sessions in Madison and Eric asked if I wanted to go see some pigs. I have seen pigs before so it wasn't a huge draw, but "sure" I said, "why not". We also did want to get some pumpkins so there was more to this trip than just seeing pigs. 

We headed to Kummrow's Farm [Battle Creek Beef + Bison] which is actually very close to us, but we've never stopped [which is curious since it's on the way to we've gone by it a time or two].

I was quite intrigued by the goats and kept going back to see them [aka "talk" to them].

Especially Larry.

Eric got to see his pigs.

We met Yo-Yo. 

And we met Yo-Yo's best friend, Thor. Poor Thor has had a rough life. His mom was struck and killed by lightning when he was very small. 

We walked around and saw a few other animals before we picked out our pumpkins. 

I'm glad we found this little gem in the country and could stop by to see what they were all about. 

wizard of oz in ocon

Last Thursday for Oconomowoc's last Moonlit Movie of the season, The Wizard of Oz was shown. We rode our bikes downtown and walked around as many families were setting up their lawn chairs in the street waiting for the movie to begin. 

[I should point out for you history nerds out there, that back in August of 1939, The Wizard of Oz premiered in Oconomowoc at the Strand Theater, days before the Hollywood premier. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the premier, so it only made sense for Moonlit Movies to show it.]

Different businesses had Wizard of Oz decorations / memorabilia in their windows. There were green christmas lights adorning almost every building and fake lollipops tied to the streetlights. On the opposite end of where the big screen was set up, there was a band, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, playing music. 

We stuck around for the beginning of the movie and then headed back home. It does make me want to watch the movie again in its entirety [or actually I really want to watch Return to Oz!], but it had been a long week and we had some episodes of @Midnight and The Soup to catch up on.