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I saved my last New York post to dedicate to donuts. No vacation is complete without donuts, right? Maybe we overdid it, but a] we just got married and needed to celebrate and b] when you walk roughly 9 miles a day in New York, I think it's justified. 

The first place we tried was the Doughnuttery. I was already drawn to the name of this donut place because if you know the old TV show Strangers With Candy and you know me then you know that I love names like Sticky Bunnery, Dry Cleanerie, and Corn Doggery. 

Anyway, back to the donuts. The Doughnuttery has mini donuts that can be sprinkled with a variety of different sugars. Also, you can also choose a dipping sauce! We got 3 cinnamon sugar and 3 glazed mini donuts with beer caramel dipping sauce. Delicious. 

We took our donuts to the High Line, grabbed some coffee and people watched for a while. 

We stopped at Dough the morning we went for our bike ride. They had quite a variety and these donuts were HUGE. 

Just like our first trip to New York, we went to Doughnut Plant the morning before leaving. These are the donuts we would have had at our wedding if possible. This place is the best.

The two donuts we split were raspberry + carrot cake. 

Thanks for the great donuts, New York.

new york, food

While in New York, we found some great eateries - all which were different from our first trip to New York. 

Our first night in the city we ate at Tacombi. I think I can safely say the the main draw of checking out this place was the VW bus that was in the center of the restaurant. The second main draw was tacos. 

For our second night in the city we ate at Roberta's. It was located in a strange neighborhood, with nothing much around it except warehouses and graffiti. The actual building Roberta's was in was quite amazing though, and it was partially built in an old shipping container. 

I wish I could remember what was all on our pizza, but it was quite amazing. Looks like arugula, shallots, prosciutto?  If only it wasn't the daily special and I could look it up on their menu. Not that I could recreate this as good as it was there though...

Later on that evening we were walking around in the crazy wind and ran across OddFellows Ice Cream. Burnt Marshmallow ice cream was a great treat that gave us a break from walking around outside. 

After we had gone to Carolines On Broadway on our third night, it was quite late and we were hungry as we hadn't eaten before the comedy show. We luckily made it to Randolph Beer before they stopped serving food. I would go back just for the corn.

There was actually one place we went to twice - Building on Bond. It was a few blocks from our hotel and we went there for brunch the day we arrived and for lunch before heading to the airport. 

Building on Bond was a very unique, awesome space. I just realized this is the only place I didn't take pictures of our food - but trust me it was good, otherwise we wouldn't have gone twice in our 4 short days in New York.

new york, day 3 + 4

Day 3 in New York was a busy one and we started the day off with a bike ride. The hotel we stayed at, the NU Hotel, had a bunch of bikes which made it easy [and free!] to get around. We rode all the way to Bed - Stuy for a donut and then to Louis Valentino Jr. Park park in Red Hook to try and get a nice view of the Statue of Liberty.   

During our ride, we came across Cacao Prieto. They were closed but a worker noticed us looking curiously inside so he allowed us in to take a peek. While paying for a bar of chocolate, out of the corner of my eyes, I thought I saw an animal. The employee must have saw my look of confusion and told us we could go in the back courtyard where they kept chickens!

Eric got to hold one while the rest scattered around. One little chicken was sad looking as she had lots of missing feathers. She was new and had been rescued since at the last place she lived, she had been picked on [or should I said picked AT]. 

After our busy morning, we took it a bit easier and just strolled around in the afternoon. We had no where to be until later on that evening, so we just strolled around, inching ourselves closer to Times Square.

We had tickets to see Phil Hanley + Phriends at Carolines on Broadway and it was recommended that we arrive around an hour before the show. Upon arriving and noticing no one else there, we realized we were actually TWO hours early. Instead of venturing out into the craziness that is Times Square we just decided to stay in the club and hang out. 

The show was fun, however, it was unfortunate to only see a little over a dozen people there. 

On day 4 we had very few hours to do anything before we needed to be at the airport. The only things I really remember from that morning was walking around our hotel's neighborhood and DOGS. I quickly have to back up to our first day when we were walking around and saw a handmade sign outside of someone's brownstone house. There was a cute hand-drawn picture of a dog and the words read "My Dinner With Tigey". Below there were some more specifics about having dinner at the house with the dog (the most Brooklyn thing ever?). As we saw this sign, we also saw Tigey sleeping on the ground. Honestly I was really intrigued by this but at the same time, it sounded a bit scary. 

Anyway, back to our last day there, we are walking around and as we walk by a coffee shop I see a dog outside and exclaim "I think it's Tigey!". As we got closer, the owner was on her way out of the shop. We asked if we could pet her dog and she allowed us and told us "Tigey just loves people!". IT WAS TIGEY! I admit I was a bit more excited than I probably should have been, but it felt like I had just met a celebrity. 

After meeting the owner and Tigey, I really do wish we would have done the Dinner With Tigey. 

As we arrived back to the hotel to grab our luggage, this was my final image of our trip. 

new york, day 2

We started out day two in New York by going to the Chelsea Market. It is a great place to walk around, eat donuts, and come across great places like Artists & Fleas. Luckily the High Line was basically right above the Market, so we were able to climb the stairs and check it out. There's a great view from the High Line and some wonderful places to sit and relax. 

That afternoon we headed over to the Transit Museum. It probably would not have been a place we would have visited if not for the free tickets we got at our hotel. It was quite interesting and my favorite part was going into the old subway cars and looking at the old advertisements. 

That night for supper we headed over to Roberta's. I had a fun time photographing some of the bright graffiti in the area. 

After supper it was almost time for the sun to set for the day, so we hung out around a park watching people play soccer, hooligans climb statues, and the buildings across the river turn into silhouettes. 

new york, day 1

I am going through some old pictures and I realized I never posted anything from New York. We went there for a few days after the wedding. I laugh when I think back to people asking "where are you going on your honeymoon?" and when I would say NY most people would politely smile or I'd get responses like "Oh, I guess you've already been to all the resorts in Mexico?". 

Honestly, I am not one to sit still. I would be bored out of my mind at a resort. Whenever Eric and I travel, we love to explore and that is exactly what we did in New York. Our first day there we had no plans but to walk around until our feet hurt. 

Here are some pictures from that walk. 

[Am I the only one who doesn't want to sit still on vacation?]