a short minnesota trip

I completely forgot to share some pictures from our MN trip last fall. I can't believe I forgot - especially thinking back about the beer. We arrived to Minneapolis in the afternoon and my brother Ben was working on some projects so before we met up with him we decided to go to Bauhaus Brew Labs

This place had just about everything I like - great colors, great design and great beer. 

After sampling four of the beers they offer, we walked around the premise and I took some pictures [obviously].

At this point it was time for supper, so we met up with my brother and Christine at a farm-to-table restaurant named Wise Acre Eatery. We had a delicious meal and maybe loitered a bit too long in order to catch up with one another .

The next day we met Ben at the Minnehaha Park where we saw the falls and walked on the trail a bit before it got too muddy. 

After our mini walk, we ate lunch before walking some more around Minneapolis. 

We stopped at Forage where I wanted to buy everything. Since Forage is connected to Dogwood Coffee, we sat and had coffee. I'm sure we talked but I was probably drooling over the stools I wanted for my house. Even though my house doesn't have a spot for stools. But I could make a spot, right? 

After coffee we went downtown and took quite a long walk around. I think we passed three wedding parties getting their pictures taken. We also ran into a group of people ready to start their segway tour. One lady had her helmet on backwards and after none of her tour-mates nor the instructor told her, Eric was kind enough to tell the lady. She was both embarrassed and mad no one else told her. 

It was a short trip, but still fun. I guess we'll see you again next fall Minnesota since that seams to be the tradition. 

[2013 fall MN pics here]