catching up

Well, I guess it’s been a while since I last shared some photo sessions. It’s been so long babies have been born and celebrated first birthdays and here I am sitting on maternity shots. 

Since I have a bunch of sessions to share, I’m just going to post a bunch together at a time. 

Last June my cousin Katie and her husband were awaiting their second child. Katie and I took her first, Lucas, out with us for some maternity pictures one night. Less than a week later, baby Lynley arrived. 

I met Lynley the day she was born. Look at that tiny little girl! Crazy to think she just celebrated her first birthday and is running around with her big brother now. 

In July I met up with Mitchell, Jena and their two adorable boys. Jena’s parents also tagged along to get a few with pictures their grandsons. I loved meeting this wonderful family. We had such a nice day for a great session! 

Last July I also got to meet up with Nate, Lauren and their two baby on the way! We had a great session, while the oldest showed off her swinging skills, the youngest, who had just turned one, showed off her walking ability. Not only are these two sweet girls a joy to photograph, their two pups are always camera ready which make them a favorite of mine! 

newborn william

Towards the end of summer last year, I went to the baby shower for my friends Amanda and JR. Amanda's sister did an amazing job planning the party which was held at the Paper Discovery Center.  There were so many desserts, we probably didn't even need real food [what am I saying, desserts ARE real food!]. But at the same time, the desserts were almost too pretty to eat! 

After the presents were opened and the desserts were mostly gone, I took a picture of Amanda and our friend Rachel who was due very soon. 

I also made Amanda stand in front of the huge world map because I thought it was awesome. She found the South Korea flag and prominently displayed it [her mom is from South Korea]. This is maybe a good time to remind Amanda's parents [if they are reading this] that they promised to buy us all tickets to go to the Olympics in South Korea. Don't forget your promise to us! Thanks! :)

Fast forward to September and little Willliam arrived! He came a little bit early but grew strong and a few weeks later he was home.

We first went to meet him after he had come home. We were greeted by William's dog cousins Macy + Mister [or is it Uncle? or Bronx? this dog has too many names...] who wanted nothing to do with me. 

William's dog sister Jam didn't really care for me either, but at least she posed nicely on the couch. And gave me the stink eye.

ANYWAY, let's talk about that baby!

William slept most of the time we were there, but woke up a few times to say hi. He was so sweet, snuggly and adorable. I can't wait to see him again, especially now that he's bigger than the dogs. [Watch out pups!]

dave + rachel maternity

The last time I had taken maternity photos for my friends Dave + Rachel it was freezing out. Like, negative degrees. Last summer, however, the grass was green and the air was warm. The only thing we had to worry about were mosquitos. [Still trying to decide what's worse though - freezing temps or mosquitos.]

The library near Dave + Rachel's house had some beautiful wildflowers / tall grass, so it was the perfect spot to go for pictures. Plus, it was early evening and the sun was in the ideal spot. 

Kenley had fun too, but maybe it's partially because she got to ride in her wagon to the library. Lucky girl. 

I feel like I want to end this post by saying I can't wait to meet baby, but spoiler alert - I'm so far behind in my posts, I already have. And he's adorable and perfect. Not that there was ever any doubt.

jeff + kersten maternity

Remember that one time when I photographed Jeff + Kersten's wedding? If not, you can go back and look at their beautiful wedding here

Last year I got the opportunity to photograph them again because Kersten was expecting! 

I met up with them on a hot, muggy and mosquito-filled night at CamRock. They even brought their adorable dog Charlie.

These two are naturals in front of the camera [OK, Charlie you are too] so take a look at their session! 

katie's baby shower

Last year was the year of parties for my family. There were two weddings, a group birthday party, and finally a baby shower. The shower was for my cousin Katie and took place in October, about a month before she was due with her first baby. 

I helped to create the invites and some of the games [although I should mention that my other cousin Sam helped me think of game ideas]. 

One of the games we played was shower libs which was quite fun. Personally, I felt the best results came from those who didn't answer theirs so seriously.

There also was a baby animal game I put together where you had to match the animal with its baby name. Luckily it wasn't as easy as I feared it might be and no one got a perfect score! 

[click to enlarge pictures]

We also had everyone take a piece of yarn and cut it to the size they believed Katie's belly was. One of Katie's good friends got the closest with being just a few MILLIMETERS off. That's some good guessing. 

There was also a basket of diapers and everyone was encouraged to write a little message and slip the piece of paper in the diaper for Katie and Andy to read while changing the newborn. 

As little party favors on the tables, I put together milk cartons [I mean, how perfect is that for a dairy farmer?!] and put animal crackers inside. 

Many of Katie's family and friends attended. Some even came from out of state! We all had fun teasing Katie how both her and Andy were chunky little babies and how at a young age had the same haircut [see picture below]! 

Katie received many wonderful gifts she would be needing within the next couple of weeks. I think it's safe to say everyone had a wonderful time and it was definitely a nice party to end the year of the parties with. 

katie's having a baby!

It seems like just yesterday my cousin Katie was announcing she was pregnant. Yet here we are, DAYS away from meeting her and her husband's first little boy or girl. 

A couple weeks ago we took a few pictures for her to remember this wonderful time in her life. Doesn't she look great?

Katie's husband Andy was busy in the fields the day we took her pictures. Thought I would add one last photo of the two of them from a little earlier this summer. These two will be great parents.


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