grads + dads

Technically this post is catching up on two senior and two newborn sessions from last year but grads and newborns didn't rhyme, so just go with me on this one since grads and dads sounds better. 

Jared is my cousin [aka, first cousin once removed] and I was honored to be asked to take his senior pictures! It's been about three years since we have seen each other and either he grew a bunch in that time or I did not remember how tall this kid was! 

His height comes in handy since he plays basketball...and will continue to do so next year at St. Norbert! It was a fun evening hanging out with Jared and his mom at Cushing Park in Delafield. 

In July I also got to meet up with Jim and Akiko who had recently welcomed their second child. It's always a joy to hang out with this family, especially their oldest who teaches me a lot about trains.

Their newest addition barely made a peep and made this session so easy. Also, I'm not over how adorable their cactus shirt and onesie where. 

The second senior in this post is another first cousin once removed! Just like Jared, it had been about three years since I had seen Jenna. 

Before we met up I was unaware Jenna is a huge fan of cats [especially her guy Louie]. However, this actually shouldn't have surprised me since I think as a Fiess, you are obligated to own at least one. [I've done the math and it checks out for almost all our relatives.]

We first took some photos at her house, but later drove downtown Pewaukee with her mom. We had a gorgeous night to catch up between taking photos. 

Look! It's another new family of four AND trains. I loved being able to hang out with Marc, Rachel and their two boys. The newest addition to this family was so content and made the session a breeze. His older brother, one of the sweetest kids around, was super active the whole time playing trains or riding his bike, yet never to busy to take a few photos.

baby rohan

Look at this little guy! Rohan is so adorable. 

You might remember his parents and big [dog] brother Charlie from this post

I got to meet Rohan last fall. Two of his cousins were there as well [sorry, you'll have to make it to the end of this post to find out who].

I love all the little hand gestures he made throughout his photo shoot. Seriously, he's the cutest.

Also - check out the Lord of the Rings map his dad painted in his room. How amazing did it turn out?!  Hope if you guys ever move you can cut that wall out and take it with you! ;) 

Surprise! Look who else was there! Cousins Kenley + Schuyler! Hey guys! 

newborn schuyler

A week ago I posted the maternity shoot for my friends Dave + Rachel. Today I'm posting about their newborn Schuyler. 

I appreciate that Schuyler decided to be born before I went overseas in August. I mean, I could have waited until I came back to meet him, but I'm just sayin' - his timing worked out great. Thanks buddy. 

He was awake for most of the time I was there, with a nap here and there. While we took pictures indoors, his dad and older sister Kenley were outside playing in the water. 

Also, did you see that Dave's tattoo had been finished since the last photo shoot?