at the library

Yay! It's one of my favorite families again. 

Last November we met at the library in Madison and took some pictures. I feel like our past winter started out very mild, but yet I remember this day was quite cold and windy. Luckily we were indoors. 

Kenley had a smile the whole time and Schuyler didn't want to be left out and gave us a smile every now and then as well. 

I'm glad I got to photograph these guys again, they are just too adorable. 

newborn sophia

In March I met this beautiful girl, Sophia. She was wide awake when I arrived and later on quietly fell asleep while I took some more pictures. 

As a big fan of handmade items, I was so impressed to see the hippo that Sophia's mom crocheted for her while waiting for her arrival. She did such beautiful work and I'm sure it will be among Sophia's favorite toys in the years to come.

This little girl also received a cute little stuffed animal elephant from a relative. Not to be outdone, another relative sent a gigantic Pooh. It's safe to say that toy won't get lost around the house. 

Thanks again to Sophia's parents for welcoming me in their home to take pictures of their beautiful little one.

angela + curt

Last summer a few friends from high school got together to catch up. On that day we asked our friend Angela if her and her fiancé had set a wedding date. She giggled and didn't answer right away, so we knew something was up. Turns out she was planning on getting married the following week! 

She and her fiancé Curt didn't want a huge ceremony, so they decided to get married and celebrate with the couple that had set them up. They then spent the following weekend up north. 

Soon after they were married, Angela asked me to help her with invites for the reception. I gladly obliged and created the following invites for their fall reception in Madison. 

The reception was held at The Bayou, a New Orleans inspired restaurant in Madison. It is one of Curt and Angela's favorite restaurants. I arrived early to help them set up some autumnal decorations which included vases filled with pumpkins and pinecones, leaves and awesome slabs of wood that Curt and his son Owen cut and finished. There were also little matchbook paper crafts that Angela had made, each which held a mint inside. 

The afternoon was filled with friends and family talking and drinking. Many of the kids hung out upstairs running and jumping around. 

Dinner was amazing. Eric and I got to choose different meals so we could try each other's. He got the chicken pasta in creole sauce while I got the crab stuffed salmon. 

After dinner the couple showed a slideshow which included pictures of both Angela and Curt over the years - both their individual lives growing up until the time they had spent together over the past couple of years. Unfortunately the slideshow kept going silent every now and then and since my husband Eric was sitting next to it, he was in charge to fix it. Every time the music would stop, you'd hear Angela and others yelling across the room "ERIC!" to remind him to get the music started again. 

After the slideshow, Angela's three brothers gave speeches. Each speech was very heartfelt, especially her youngest brother Jordan, who probably made everyone cry. 

I'm glad we were able to celebrate with this wonderful couple. Angela and Curt are perfect together. They are going to have so many fun adventures together! 

sisters kate + charlotte

I'm happy I was able to take pictures of this family a few months before they moved out west. We had a perfect fall day to walk to a park near their house. The oldest, Kate, is quite an adventurous little girl. She was climbing, swinging and running around, nothing would stop her! Then there's the littlest, Charlotte, who loves to laugh at her sister, but I'm sure she won't be too far behind her racing around soon. 

Thanks for inviting me over last fall. Eric + I are eagerly awaiting you to buy us plane tickets to visit in Oregon! ;)

butterfly garden

A couple weeks ago I was in Madison for my cousin's bachelorette party. We started off the day at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. We mainly went to see the Blooming Butterflies exhibit [if you haven't seen it, you've got until this Sunday the 10th!] but walked around a bit outside as well before we headed to supper. 

It was a great exhibit and a fun way to start off the night.