If memory serves me correct, I first saw Lost & Found at a church youth group event in Stevens Point [most likely in middle school]. My friends and I didn't know any of the words, however, were surrounded by others who did. Also, most of the other people attending brought slinkys. To throw in the air for one song. Weird.

After that concert, the next time we saw them was in Atlanta for another youth gathering. By this time my friends Megan, Amber and I knew most of their songs and were quite excited to see them again. We also knew the slinky [aka Lions <---check out this video for the explanation] song by this point. 

From there we went to many more concerts whenever they made their way to Wisconsin. My mom recalls driving us to a bunch of concerts and she recently told me she always had a great time with us. I'm glad to hear that since thinking back to when some of the only CDs I was listening to were Lost & Found, my parents heard A LOT of their music, especially on road trips. At this point I should maybe point out, their sound is unique. I mean, I think it's great but I know it's a bit jarring to some. 

I remember one of the main highlights at each concert was that George [the keyboardist, recording engineer, music director, photojournalist and beverage consumer] would always take a picture of the crowd and later on this photo would wind up on their website. It's hard to imagine for all you youngsters out there, but back in the day it was super exciting to try and find a picture of yourself online. For some reason seeing our picture on their website from a concert was the best thing ever. 

Also, it should be mentioned these guys are funny. We'd bring up some of their jokes / puns randomly and laugh while retelling them. One saying that is so great is Stein Auf, meaning Rock On in German. However, if you are fluent in German, you will know it doesn't really translate into Rock On and it's more like saying Stone On Top Of. Many years ago while getting my mountain bike repainted, I had Stein Auf! painted on the top tube.

Anyway, enough chatter about the past and onto the concert they had in Lebanon, WI at St. Peters. I've attended this church on multiple occasions over the years, most recently when one of my cousins got married. It's a small, intimate church with lovely stained glass windows.

This concert was part of their farewell tour. I attended with my two friends I went to concerts with years ago. One of them brought her eldest daughter. Hooray for second generation L&F fans! My grandma even attended! She didn't really know what she was getting herself into, but I will admit I saw her laugh a few times. Some of my other relatives were there as well, including Samantha who also was taking pictures

It was fantastic that we got to hear all our old favorites. My friend Megan got to request Banner, which got everyone on their feet in order to do the motions that go along with the song. 

I could go on and on about my favorite songs and memories from over the years, but I'll leave you with these pictures. 

There's still many dates left on their farewell tour! Go see them if they are coming to your town!

P.S. If either George or Michael are reading this, I still really need to know!

Why is BLSQD spelled that way?

And why does my Speedwood CD have a Parental Advisory sticker on it? It's printed on the booklet. I'm quite sure a friend had the same CD without it. [Although, it always made me feel like a bit of a rebel, so thanks.] 

P.P.S. Thanks for all the great memories. Stein Auf!