Wash / Van Trip [part 8]

We woke up on our last day in Canada and packed up to head back to the states.

On our way to Seattle we made a stop at Whatcom Falls Park. It was a nice scenic spot to take a break and walk around for a while. 

Once in Seattle, we checked into our favorite place to stay [The Moore Hotel] and went for a walk to visit some favorite shops and spots. 

That night we ended up going to watch a few innings of the Mariner's game. After getting a little restless we decided to end our night at Hot Cakes. We opted to travel by foot which was a little over 2 miles. We weren't quite fast enough though and the rain started about a block before we reached our destination. 

The following morning we stopped for breakfast at Oddfellows Cafe before heading to the airport. Oddfellows is one of the stops we make every time we are in town. We may have also stopped in at General Porpoise for...you guessed it, a donut, to tide us over at the airport while we waited to begin our trip back home. 

santa cruz, part 2

Looking back at our two full days in Santa Cruz last December, I realized we did A LOT on the first day. I last wrote and shared pictures from the first half of the day. Picking up where I left off, we were at the Natural Bridges State Beach and from there walked to the butterfly preserve. We happened to be there at a great time to view the monarchs since this is one of the spots many of them migrate to for the winter due to the eucalyptus groves in the park.

At first we didn't see much, but after a while we could see little specks of movement. Those where the monarchs way up in the trees! Although you can't see the specks in the picture below, that was the view looking up. 

Inside the learning center there were a few monarch chrysalis to view up close. It's amazing how intricate they are and how they are formed. We also got to see a monarch that had hatched just moments before we got there. 

After viewing the butterflies we headed back down West Cliff Drive to the main surfing area which is known as Steamer Lane.  There were a bunch of surfers out and they were a lot of fun to watch. 

From here we traveled downtown to eat lunch at Lulu Carpenters. After walking around and checking out a few stores, we stopped at The Penny Ice Creamery and shared a scoop of delicious apple crisp ice cream. 

And because we can't sit still we then headed to Capitola. Eric knows me so well that he knew I'd love to take pictures of the colorful beach homes. And of course I did. 

As it had been off and on the whole day, it was no surprise it started to rain again. Although this time, it was not letting up. We tried to figure out where we could go and we remembered - THE BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM! If you are ever in the area, it's a must see. It's too hard to explain all my feelings and thoughts on it, but I will leave you with my three favorite things I shared on Twitter about the place: 

After the Bigfoot fun, we found the perfect bar down the road where we stopped to have a drink and play cribbage. The bar was Monty's Log Cabin and it had an up north Wisconsin, small bar feel. No one was really there together, but yet they all knew each other. We felt like outsiders, although it was fun to people watch. 

For supper that night we stopped at Redwood Pizzeria in Felton before heading back to Santa Cruz for one last amazing stop before the end of the night. 

THE CHRISTMAS HOUSE. I'm sure locals may have another name for it, but that's the best I could come up with. We first drove by it during the day and knew we'd have to come back once it was dark.

We weren't the only ones who had stopped to take a closer look and take pictures. Eric even got to talk to the owner for a bit. 

I also want to mention it was weird to be in a warmer climate so close to Christmas. It's one thing to see decorations here in Wisconsin and even if there's no snow on the ground, it's at least freezing. Here in California, it seemed wrong to see things like decorative flags that have a penguin on a snow covered hill. You guys don't know what Christmas weather feels like! 

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the Christmas House. It was a cheery ending to our very busy day.

new york, food

While in New York, we found some great eateries - all which were different from our first trip to New York. 

Our first night in the city we ate at Tacombi. I think I can safely say the the main draw of checking out this place was the VW bus that was in the center of the restaurant. The second main draw was tacos. 

For our second night in the city we ate at Roberta's. It was located in a strange neighborhood, with nothing much around it except warehouses and graffiti. The actual building Roberta's was in was quite amazing though, and it was partially built in an old shipping container. 

I wish I could remember what was all on our pizza, but it was quite amazing. Looks like arugula, shallots, prosciutto?  If only it wasn't the daily special and I could look it up on their menu. Not that I could recreate this as good as it was there though...

Later on that evening we were walking around in the crazy wind and ran across OddFellows Ice Cream. Burnt Marshmallow ice cream was a great treat that gave us a break from walking around outside. 

After we had gone to Carolines On Broadway on our third night, it was quite late and we were hungry as we hadn't eaten before the comedy show. We luckily made it to Randolph Beer before they stopped serving food. I would go back just for the corn.

There was actually one place we went to twice - Building on Bond. It was a few blocks from our hotel and we went there for brunch the day we arrived and for lunch before heading to the airport. 

Building on Bond was a very unique, awesome space. I just realized this is the only place I didn't take pictures of our food - but trust me it was good, otherwise we wouldn't have gone twice in our 4 short days in New York.

breakfast on the farm

As most people know, or should I say, as most Wisconsinites know, June is Dairy Month. Personally I'm a bit more excited about June being adopt a cat month, but let's be honest - my love for cheese is almost as great as my love for cats.

To celebrate during the month, there are a lot of farms around the state that host Breakfast on the Farm. Many [and I mean MANY] people line up to eat some favorite breakfast foods - eggs, pancakes, sausage, cheese, and of course ice cream. 

This morning we took my parents to the breakfast being held in Lake Mills. 

We waited in line for around an hour, but as the line inched forward, Eric and I would take off to see different animals while my parents held our spot in line. 

First we went to the calf barn!

Afterwards we went to stand in line again.


We saw baby goats and had to go check them out along with a few other animals. 

Can you believe how cute that little guy is?! Let's look at another picture of him. 

I'm obsessed.  


Finally we reached the food barn. Time for breakfast! 

Some nice breakfast music. 

The one time a year where you don't have to feel guilty having ice cream after breakfast, because everyone else is doing it too.

Mom and Dad made a chocolate shake with the ice cream and chocolate milk.

Aaand, back to the goats.

Don't worry - if you missed out this weekend, there are still a few other places around Wisconsin to go have a dairy breakfast yet this month. Check it out