new york, day 2

We started out day two in New York by going to the Chelsea Market. It is a great place to walk around, eat donuts, and come across great places like Artists & Fleas. Luckily the High Line was basically right above the Market, so we were able to climb the stairs and check it out. There's a great view from the High Line and some wonderful places to sit and relax. 

That afternoon we headed over to the Transit Museum. It probably would not have been a place we would have visited if not for the free tickets we got at our hotel. It was quite interesting and my favorite part was going into the old subway cars and looking at the old advertisements. 

That night for supper we headed over to Roberta's. I had a fun time photographing some of the bright graffiti in the area. 

After supper it was almost time for the sun to set for the day, so we hung out around a park watching people play soccer, hooligans climb statues, and the buildings across the river turn into silhouettes.