lucy's family

Say "hi" to Lucy. 

Lucy belongs to my friends Angela and Curt who you may remember from their wedding reception which I posted about. 

Last year they bought a house in the country. Right before Halloween I was able to visit and take a few pictures. Their house is on a large, quiet piece of land with huge, beautiful trees. Lucy and the other dogs [sadly not pictured here] have plenty of yard to run around in, along with their human brother Owen.  

Take a peak at some of the moments I captured including my favorite at the end. Living on a farm suits these two wonderfully! 

the f family

I met this wonderful family the same day I met up with the C family. The families are friends and it worked well to take pictures of each family as we made our way around the farm.

As you can see, the kids had a great time exploring the grounds. They probably would have spent most of the day in the cornfield if they were allowed to. They kept finding cute little corn cobs to pick that had been missed when the rest of the corn had been harvested.

However, outside the cornfield they also found tall grass to pick as well as flowers. [Yes, someone is going to read this and tell me they aren't flowers, but instead sort of weed, but they were purple and pretty, that's all I know!]

Glad I got to spend the afternoon with two great families who allowed me to take pictures in a wonderful spot! 

the c family

Last fall I got to see baby Brooklyn again! Although I guess now she is 1 year old Brooklyn. She's still adorable, so that stayed the same. 

Through some connections her parents had, we were able to use the land on a nearby farm. If you saw my previews from this session on Facebook last year, you read that this farm used to be where we went when I was younger to get pumpkins and apples. It's no longer open to the public, but I'm glad we got to walk around since there were some great spots for pictures. 

Brooklyn's parents were thinking ahead and brought with them a wagon, bale of hay and pumpkins. The props worked great in the setting. 

I'm glad I was able to see this precious girl along with her parents again. 

haas reception

In previous posts, I talked about Samantha and Drew's wedding up north. They had a little ceremony with close family and friends. The couple still wanted to celebrate with everyone else, so a few weeks later they held a reception at the farm where Sam grew up.

It had been years since the pole shed had been thoroughly cleaned out, however, the last time it had been was when the cement floor was poured. The machines and tools needed to be taken out and the outside needed to be re-painted. While they were sprucing it up , Sam's dad decided to add the concrete path. 

As far as decorations for the party, Sam picked out a bunch of photos I had taken at the wedding and we made blue print copies of them. The prints were hung on the walls and they made great art as well as gave everyone a little glimpse into their wedding day. 

There were also a lot, I mean A LOT of lights that Katie and I strung. I wish I could remember the total amount, but alas, just believe me it was a lot. The end result was fantastic though, as you will see in some pictures later in this post. 

There were some other details such as the tissue paper ball chandelier, a wall of older pictures of the couple, and beautiful flowers that Sam's mom grew on all the tables. 

Sam had a great idea for a guest book. She had the plan in mind, told her aunt about it who luckily found the perfect book to complete Sam's goal. The book was a children's dictionary and each guest could pick a word and write a little sentiment next to it. I heard many people who were having fun looking through the book to find just the right word. 

As people arrived to the reception, some ate while others played games outdoors. The kids ran all around the farm and I followed them for a bit [to take pictures, but also to make sure they weren't getting into trouble].

As dusk settled in, everyone gathered outside with their sparklers and matches. After the sparklers were lit, Sam and Drew walked arm in arm past the revelers.

From there, everyone headed back into the shed and the couple shared their first dance. Following, was the father / daughter and mother / son dance. 

There was a bit more dancing by others after the family dances, but slowly people started to leave and the rest headed towards the bonfire to relax and talk until the early hours of the morning. 

katie's having a baby!

It seems like just yesterday my cousin Katie was announcing she was pregnant. Yet here we are, DAYS away from meeting her and her husband's first little boy or girl. 

A couple weeks ago we took a few pictures for her to remember this wonderful time in her life. Doesn't she look great?

Katie's husband Andy was busy in the fields the day we took her pictures. Thought I would add one last photo of the two of them from a little earlier this summer. These two will be great parents.


Also, I should probably mention I have created a FB page. Take a look! 

battle creek beef + bison

Two weeks ago I was coming home from two photo sessions in Madison and Eric asked if I wanted to go see some pigs. I have seen pigs before so it wasn't a huge draw, but "sure" I said, "why not". We also did want to get some pumpkins so there was more to this trip than just seeing pigs. 

We headed to Kummrow's Farm [Battle Creek Beef + Bison] which is actually very close to us, but we've never stopped [which is curious since it's on the way to we've gone by it a time or two].

I was quite intrigued by the goats and kept going back to see them [aka "talk" to them].

Especially Larry.

Eric got to see his pigs.

We met Yo-Yo. 

And we met Yo-Yo's best friend, Thor. Poor Thor has had a rough life. His mom was struck and killed by lightning when he was very small. 

We walked around and saw a few other animals before we picked out our pumpkins. 

I'm glad we found this little gem in the country and could stop by to see what they were all about. 

dairy farm tour

I am fortunate to have a good friend back in the area for a year while her husband is deployed. Since she has been out of state for so long, it is nice to be able to see her and her kids more than just once, maybe twice a year. 

Last week I went with them to visit my cousin's dairy farm. Before they got there, I went out to the barn with Katie [my cousin] to see the kittens. They are not so little anymore, but they are crazy hyper and fun to play with [even if they sneak up on you, crawl up your back and chew on your hair]. 

Upon arrival, the kids seemed a little shy. The cows were not that interesting and they wanted to see the cats. The farm was stinky. But given a little time, they warmed up - especially when Katie got the Ranger out for us to drive around in. 

Towards the end of the Ranger ride around the farm, the kids helped deliver lunch to Katie's father-in-law. Afterwards, we went back to the house for our own lunch. 

As soon as the two older kids were done eating, they went straight to the cornfields to look for cats. Surprisingly they found Lily Bean and followed her around for a bit.

It seemed as though everyone had a fun day. So watch out Katie, we may be back!

breakfast on the farm

As most people know, or should I say, as most Wisconsinites know, June is Dairy Month. Personally I'm a bit more excited about June being adopt a cat month, but let's be honest - my love for cheese is almost as great as my love for cats.

To celebrate during the month, there are a lot of farms around the state that host Breakfast on the Farm. Many [and I mean MANY] people line up to eat some favorite breakfast foods - eggs, pancakes, sausage, cheese, and of course ice cream. 

This morning we took my parents to the breakfast being held in Lake Mills. 

We waited in line for around an hour, but as the line inched forward, Eric and I would take off to see different animals while my parents held our spot in line. 

First we went to the calf barn!

Afterwards we went to stand in line again.


We saw baby goats and had to go check them out along with a few other animals. 

Can you believe how cute that little guy is?! Let's look at another picture of him. 

I'm obsessed.  


Finally we reached the food barn. Time for breakfast! 

Some nice breakfast music. 

The one time a year where you don't have to feel guilty having ice cream after breakfast, because everyone else is doing it too.

Mom and Dad made a chocolate shake with the ice cream and chocolate milk.

Aaand, back to the goats.

Don't worry - if you missed out this weekend, there are still a few other places around Wisconsin to go have a dairy breakfast yet this month. Check it out