breakfast on the farm

As most people know, or should I say, as most Wisconsinites know, June is Dairy Month. Personally I'm a bit more excited about June being adopt a cat month, but let's be honest - my love for cheese is almost as great as my love for cats.

To celebrate during the month, there are a lot of farms around the state that host Breakfast on the Farm. Many [and I mean MANY] people line up to eat some favorite breakfast foods - eggs, pancakes, sausage, cheese, and of course ice cream. 

This morning we took my parents to the breakfast being held in Lake Mills. 

We waited in line for around an hour, but as the line inched forward, Eric and I would take off to see different animals while my parents held our spot in line. 

First we went to the calf barn!

Afterwards we went to stand in line again.


We saw baby goats and had to go check them out along with a few other animals. 

Can you believe how cute that little guy is?! Let's look at another picture of him. 

I'm obsessed.  


Finally we reached the food barn. Time for breakfast! 

Some nice breakfast music. 

The one time a year where you don't have to feel guilty having ice cream after breakfast, because everyone else is doing it too.

Mom and Dad made a chocolate shake with the ice cream and chocolate milk.

Aaand, back to the goats.

Don't worry - if you missed out this weekend, there are still a few other places around Wisconsin to go have a dairy breakfast yet this month. Check it out

an easter announcement

For Easter this year I was in charge of bringing dessert.  I decided to make carrot cake baked donuts [I used the recipe by Melissa at The Faux Martha].  The first batch turned out quite flat and it took me a while to realize I forgot the baking powder.  They were edible, but I decided to redo them since I wasn't happy with the result.  Below is one from the second batch. 


I also made her baked glazed donuts.  When Eric found out what I was making, he suggested a peanut butter glaze on this chocolate donut instead of just the regular glaze.  To do this, I mixed together peanut butter and powered sugar [I'll be honest, I didn't measure anything out but it was roughly 1 TBSP of peanut butter and 1/4 cup of powered sugar].  Once that was mixed together well, I added milk and more powdered sugar until I had enough glaze and it was the consistency I wanted.  


Once the glaze was complete, I dipped the top of each donut into the sugary goodness.  [I actually used a mini bundt pan, that's why these don't have holes in the middle.]


Like most years, Easter was spent in my hometown at my aunt and uncle's house. 


After lunch, my cousin Katie had a fun announcement for our Grandma [and most everyone else].  

First gift was a picture from her wedding.


Then Grandma opened the second gift and was a bit confused at first.  When she finally read the message that the baby chick in the egg was holding, she threw the egg on the table and took a moment to process what it said. 

Once she was able to speak, she spread the word that my cousin and her husband were expecting a baby and everybody cheered. 


Congrats you two!  And remember, if baby decides to come during our Thanksgiving family get-together and we can't get you to the hospital, Jim will help deliver him or her!  [I say this since our cousin's husband helped deliver a baby recently.  Strong work, Jim!]


After all the baby news excitement, we went into the garage to play Family Feud, errr Friendly Face-Off.  


Apparently I'm afraid facing off against my mom.  Although I am happy to report my team [TEAM A] won overall.  


Even though it was a couple weeks ago, hope all of you had a great Easter.