lucy's family

Say "hi" to Lucy. 

Lucy belongs to my friends Angela and Curt who you may remember from their wedding reception which I posted about. 

Last year they bought a house in the country. Right before Halloween I was able to visit and take a few pictures. Their house is on a large, quiet piece of land with huge, beautiful trees. Lucy and the other dogs [sadly not pictured here] have plenty of yard to run around in, along with their human brother Owen.  

Take a peak at some of the moments I captured including my favorite at the end. Living on a farm suits these two wonderfully! 

jeff + kersten maternity

Remember that one time when I photographed Jeff + Kersten's wedding? If not, you can go back and look at their beautiful wedding here

Last year I got the opportunity to photograph them again because Kersten was expecting! 

I met up with them on a hot, muggy and mosquito-filled night at CamRock. They even brought their adorable dog Charlie.

These two are naturals in front of the camera [OK, Charlie you are too] so take a look at their session! 


I feel lucky to have met Mason at the beginning of this year. I mean, how many people can say they know a two year old with a car? And a cool Audi, to top it off. 

Mason was into many other modes of transportation including trains, a red wagon and other cars / trucks. But that's not all, this 2 year old very much loved to color as well. 

After playing indoors for a while, we all bundled up and went outside in the snow, which was the perfect consistency for making snowballs. 

Glad I could spend some time with this fun family [including their super adorable dog!]. 

baby benjamin

Last September I got to take newborn pictures of this sweetie, Benjamin. The first picture was the only one he was awake for. After that, he spend the rest of the morning sound asleep. 

As you will see, the fisherman outfit his mom found on Etsy is the cutest thing ever. I'm sure in a few years he will be out there fishing along side his dad [and hopefully he finds another super cute hat to wear!].

I'm so glad I got to spend the morning with this new family of three [well, family of 4 if you count the pup!].

photos at the salon

Last September marked the second time I went to Rob's Riverwood Salon in Fond du Lac to take pictures for the owner Brenda and an employee / friend of hers, Gariann. The back of the salon has a beautiful grassy area complete with trees which add some nice shade to photograph in. 

First up was Brenda and her family. They are a fantastic and easy family to photograph, except for their dog Bella who is a bit of a challenge. However, I should state, a FUN challenge. They warned me she'd be crazy, but I figured nothing like the year before when she was just a 'lil puppy. But yes, Bella was still hyper and crazy, but extremely cute. 

Afterwards, I photographed Gariann and her black lab Swobie. He's an adorable pup, filled with energy making him a joy to photograph. 

It's been an honor to take pictures for Brenda + Gariann twice now. I hope to meet up with them [AND Bella + Swobie] again in the future! 

battle creek beef + bison

Two weeks ago I was coming home from two photo sessions in Madison and Eric asked if I wanted to go see some pigs. I have seen pigs before so it wasn't a huge draw, but "sure" I said, "why not". We also did want to get some pumpkins so there was more to this trip than just seeing pigs. 

We headed to Kummrow's Farm [Battle Creek Beef + Bison] which is actually very close to us, but we've never stopped [which is curious since it's on the way to we've gone by it a time or two].

I was quite intrigued by the goats and kept going back to see them [aka "talk" to them].

Especially Larry.

Eric got to see his pigs.

We met Yo-Yo. 

And we met Yo-Yo's best friend, Thor. Poor Thor has had a rough life. His mom was struck and killed by lightning when he was very small. 

We walked around and saw a few other animals before we picked out our pumpkins. 

I'm glad we found this little gem in the country and could stop by to see what they were all about. 

fall in minnesota

In October, Eric and I went to Minnesota for two main reasons: to visit my brother and to see Neko Case in concert. We arrived on a Thursday, the night of the concert.  Eric, my brother, his friend, and I started out the evening by stopping at Element Pizza to pick up supper.  We then took the pizzas to Dangerous Man Brewing Co.  What a great find!  The Brewery doesn't serve food, so they encourage you to bring in food from other places.

mn-1 mn-2 mn-3 mn-4 mn-5 mn-6

We kind of lost track of time and before we knew it we needed to head over to First Avenue for the concert.  I've wanted to see Neko for a long time, so I'm glad I finally got the opportunity.  Also, it was nice to go to a venue other than the ones we normally attend in Wisconsin.

mn-7 mn-8 mn-9

Friday morning we headed over to visit the farm my brother is living as well as helping out on.  There's a dog and turkeys and cows and cats and goats…and it's pretty much the best.

mn-10 mn-11 mn-12 mn-13 mn-14 mn-15 mn-16 mn-17 mn-18 mn-19 mn-20 mn-21 mn-22 mn-23 mn-24 mn-25 mn-26 mn-27 mn-28 mn-29

From the farm we drove over to the Carpenter Nature Center.  Minnesota still had some great color - mostly yellows and reds. It was a little chilly, but still a great day for a walk around the little nature trail.

mn-30 mn-31 mn-32 mn-33 mn-34 mn-35 mn-36 mn-37 mn-38 mn-39 mn-40 mn-41 mn-42 mn-43 mn-44 mn-45 mn-46 mn-47 mn-48 mn-49 mn-50 mn-51 mn-52

Thanks for having us Minnesota.  You never disappoint.