Wash / Van Trip [part 5]

On our last full day on Vancouver Island we began by going to Avatar Grove after breakfast. Before arriving at Avatar Grove, the road turned into mainly big gravel, with lots of potholes. At one point we almost turned around since it didn't seem we were headed the right direction. We eventually found it, which was quite worth it because we got to see Canada's Gnarliest Tree. 

We ate our packed lunch at Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. There were a bunch of Steller's jay birds hanging out by us. They were really excited when a couple got done eating so they could go scrounge for crumbs. I think they were waiting for us to leave as well. 

We walked the trail which took us to Botany Bay and Botanical Beach. We saw some tide pools and unfortunately a deceased octopus. 

After a few hours we took a break and headed to the Renfrew Pub for a beer. It was a little soon for supper, so we went and walked a shorter trail to the water for some more spectacular views. 

For supper it was back to Renfrew Pub. Before leaving we walked the docks a bit trying to get a closer view of an otter out in the water. 

On the way home we made a few stops to get a better view of the sunset. Even our little cabin welcomed us home with a beautiful view.

sam + drew get married, part 3

I thought I would be able to put Sam and Drew's entire wedding day into one post, but I guess not. There are too many pictures to share! So be prepared for many pictures and a few more posts. 

Katie, Andy, and I started out the day at The Egg Toss [thanks for the recommendation, Rachel!] for breakfast. It is a popular place! Also, their egg white omelet is huge. Even when your waitress warns you it will be huge and you think you understand, you really don't until it arrives [sorry I have no photographic proof]. 

After breakfast it was time to head to Ashland since a few of the ladies had hair appointments at Escape by the Lake. I had fun hanging out at the salon capturing these moments.

The appointments took a bit longer than expected, so we needed to quickly return to the hotel to finish getting ready.

While Sam was changing into her beautiful dress, with the help of her mom, our Grandma and uncle arrived. The room was filled with smiles and excitement until we found out the hotel had given away our Grandma and uncle's room.

Here's where I should state that this information should not be given to a bride on her wedding day. Don't let the bride know about these issues! [Yes, I'm also talking about the restaurant call Sam received that stated there needed to be a change with one of the meats being served that evening.]

Everything worked out in the end, but a bride has enough to worry about, and there are plenty of other people willing to help out with issues that arise the day of. 

Anyway, back to the pictures. 

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of Sam getting ready!

breakfast on the farm

As most people know, or should I say, as most Wisconsinites know, June is Dairy Month. Personally I'm a bit more excited about June being adopt a cat month, but let's be honest - my love for cheese is almost as great as my love for cats.

To celebrate during the month, there are a lot of farms around the state that host Breakfast on the Farm. Many [and I mean MANY] people line up to eat some favorite breakfast foods - eggs, pancakes, sausage, cheese, and of course ice cream. 

This morning we took my parents to the breakfast being held in Lake Mills. 

We waited in line for around an hour, but as the line inched forward, Eric and I would take off to see different animals while my parents held our spot in line. 

First we went to the calf barn!

Afterwards we went to stand in line again.


We saw baby goats and had to go check them out along with a few other animals. 

Can you believe how cute that little guy is?! Let's look at another picture of him. 

I'm obsessed.  


Finally we reached the food barn. Time for breakfast! 

Some nice breakfast music. 

The one time a year where you don't have to feel guilty having ice cream after breakfast, because everyone else is doing it too.

Mom and Dad made a chocolate shake with the ice cream and chocolate milk.

Aaand, back to the goats.

Don't worry - if you missed out this weekend, there are still a few other places around Wisconsin to go have a dairy breakfast yet this month. Check it out