lucy's family

Say "hi" to Lucy. 

Lucy belongs to my friends Angela and Curt who you may remember from their wedding reception which I posted about. 

Last year they bought a house in the country. Right before Halloween I was able to visit and take a few pictures. Their house is on a large, quiet piece of land with huge, beautiful trees. Lucy and the other dogs [sadly not pictured here] have plenty of yard to run around in, along with their human brother Owen.  

Take a peak at some of the moments I captured including my favorite at the end. Living on a farm suits these two wonderfully! 

three turn 60

The weekend after Sam and Drew's reception, we all gathered back into the pole shed for another party! My Aunt Carol, Uncle John and Uncle Bob all turned 60 within a month, so they had a joint birthday party. 

It was quite easy to decorate since most of the work had been done for the weekend before. The flowers in the black tin cans stayed on the tables, we just added some black streamers and balloons. The chandelier stayed hanging from the center of the room, we just added some dangling black crows. 

The biggest difference was instead of pictures of Sam and Drew hanging around the shed, Katie and I made signs to hang up that looked like street signs with names like Wrinkle Road, Baldy Avenue and Saggy Street.

The weather was completely different from the last party. The weekend before it had been very warm and bottled water kept disappearing. On the day of the 60th birthday party, however, it was chilly and instead of running out of water, beer was in high demand! 

There was quite a bit of musical entertainment throughout the night. My husband, known to some as DJ Jazzy Eric, kept some of John, Carol and Bob's favorite music playing while being decked out in John's vintage Don Peachey Band tuxedo shirt. 

Eric got a break from his duties for a while though, when some members of the Lebanon Band brought out their instruments. They played everyone's favorites, which are also the songs you will hear if you ever see the Lebanon Band march in parades. 

The evening ended with some dancing while others played cards. As we cleaned up after everyone had left, Eric snuck out to the car and came back with a wig on. It surprised everyone so much, especially my Grandma who exclaimed she didn't know who that man was.

As far as I know, the lights are still strung in the shed, so umm, let's have another party in there this year!

haas reception

In previous posts, I talked about Samantha and Drew's wedding up north. They had a little ceremony with close family and friends. The couple still wanted to celebrate with everyone else, so a few weeks later they held a reception at the farm where Sam grew up.

It had been years since the pole shed had been thoroughly cleaned out, however, the last time it had been was when the cement floor was poured. The machines and tools needed to be taken out and the outside needed to be re-painted. While they were sprucing it up , Sam's dad decided to add the concrete path. 

As far as decorations for the party, Sam picked out a bunch of photos I had taken at the wedding and we made blue print copies of them. The prints were hung on the walls and they made great art as well as gave everyone a little glimpse into their wedding day. 

There were also a lot, I mean A LOT of lights that Katie and I strung. I wish I could remember the total amount, but alas, just believe me it was a lot. The end result was fantastic though, as you will see in some pictures later in this post. 

There were some other details such as the tissue paper ball chandelier, a wall of older pictures of the couple, and beautiful flowers that Sam's mom grew on all the tables. 

Sam had a great idea for a guest book. She had the plan in mind, told her aunt about it who luckily found the perfect book to complete Sam's goal. The book was a children's dictionary and each guest could pick a word and write a little sentiment next to it. I heard many people who were having fun looking through the book to find just the right word. 

As people arrived to the reception, some ate while others played games outdoors. The kids ran all around the farm and I followed them for a bit [to take pictures, but also to make sure they weren't getting into trouble].

As dusk settled in, everyone gathered outside with their sparklers and matches. After the sparklers were lit, Sam and Drew walked arm in arm past the revelers.

From there, everyone headed back into the shed and the couple shared their first dance. Following, was the father / daughter and mother / son dance. 

There was a bit more dancing by others after the family dances, but slowly people started to leave and the rest headed towards the bonfire to relax and talk until the early hours of the morning. 

jeff + kersten

Last May, the week after my wedding, I was lucky to attend another wedding. This time it was as a photographer for Jeff and Kersten's wedding. [I'll admit it was great to be behind the camera again and not in front of it!]

Their wedding was held at The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond in Poynette, WI. It was a fantastic venue - the barn has been renovated very beautifully and the grounds around the barn are just as spectacular. The decorations the couple put together fit so perfectly and looked great in the space.

The weather was perfect - although maybe a tad hot during the outdoor service, but I think once the service started, no one was even concentrating on the heat, but rather on the couple confessing their love for one another. 

I can safely say, the highlight of the ceremony was that Kersten wrote her vows and that Jeff SANG his as a surprise for his bride. It should also be mentioned that he not only sang, but played guitar. 

I'm trying to refrain from saying 'it was so sweet' or it was so awesome' up above, since I think I've already used my quota of fantastic, beautiful, perfect [etc.] adjectives in this post...but let's be honest, it was such a GREAT wedding. 

I feel lucky to be part of this day and to capture this wonderful couple and all their family and friends who came to celebrate. Thanks Jeff and Kersten! 

[Also, a HUGE thanks to my friend / cousin Sam, who was my second shooter.]