sunday night bike rides


Usually on Sunday nights after we eat supper and right before sunset, Eric and I go for about a 5 mile bike ride around the neighborhood. I normally just have my phone with me in case I see something I want to take a picture of, but this past Sunday I thought I should take my real camera along for the ride.

We made a few stops along the way and here's what we saw:

bikeride-1 bikeride-2 bikeride-3 bikeride-4 bikeride-5 bikeride-6 bikeride-8 bikeride-9 bikeride-10 bikeride-11 bikeride-12 bikeride-13 bikeride-14 bikeride-15 bikeride-16 bikeride-17 bikeride-18 bikeride-19 bikeride-20 bikeride-21 bikeride-22 bikeride-23 bikeride-25 bikeride-26 bikeride-27