Summer Randoms


Even though summer isn't quite over yet, I thought I'd share some random pictures I've taken in the past couple months.  Enjoy.  

A mixture of Grandma's flowers, a Lapham Peak walk, + our backyard:summer-1 summer-2 summer-3 summer-5 summer-6 summer-7 summer-8

Maude trying to escape to spend time outdoors:summer-9

Another Lapham Peak walk: summer-11 summer-12 summer-14 summer-15

A rainy day in the Third Ward:summer-17 summer-19

One picture as proof we did go up north this summer:summer-20

My cousin's adorable new kitty, Norah:summer-21 summer-22


Yet another walk around Lapham Peak:summer-24 summer-25 summer-26 summer-27 summer-28 summer-29 summer-31 summer-33 summer-34 summer-35 summer-36 summer-37

The Shouting Matches at The Pabst: summer-38 summer-39