I had a lot of fun meeting up with my friends Jim and Akiko last fall to take some family pictures. I've known their son, Soma, since he was just a few days old because I took some newborn pictures of him. It's always fun photographing him, although this time he was a little shy when I first arrived at their house. Eventually he came around when I said he could help me take some photos of his trains [his most prized possessions]. 

Their yard was filled with beautiful yellow leaves. We all thought he'd love playing in a pile of the nice crisp leaves, but instead all he wanted to was ride his bike through them. After some pictures in the backyard, we decided to walk to 4&20 Bakery & Cafe to grab lunch. Of course Soma's bike came with us until he ditched it to run around the tennis court. 

Thanks again guys for having me over and introducing me to a cafe with amazing food and coffee!