I'm happy I've been able to capture so much of little Soma's life so far.  I took pictures while Akiko was pregnant and also when Soma was a newborn.  Now he's 6 months old! It's fun to see his personality start to come through.  Like my last shoot, I'd have to say Soma is trying to compete for happiest baby ever.  He loves to laugh and didn't whimper until the end of the shoot - when I was holding him...

One of my favorite things about this family is the Japanese culture I learn.  Right after Soma was born, Akiko's dad came from Japan to bring Soma a kabuto for Kodomo No Hi (boy's day) which the family now has on display.  The details are so intricate and wonderful.

Also, as you will see in the photos below, Soma has on his Gachapin outfit.  Gachapin, a green dinosaur, is a children's Japanese television character.  From the few video clips I've seen online, Gachapin does pretty amazing activities (rock climb, wakeboard, gymnastics, etc.) although because of my fascination of yetis, his friend Mukku might be my favorite.

Jim & Akiko - you better watch out for when Soma starts to walk - you'll have your own little Gachapin doing crazy stunts that you'll need to keep an eye on!