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The trip to Anacortes from Seattle is about an hour and a half drive [realistically WAY longer with the traffic].  We made the trip even a bit longer with a stop at the Ballard Locks + fish ladder before leaving Seattle. seattle-1 seattle-2 seattle-3 seattle-4 seattle-5

Jump fish, jump!


Near the Ballard Locks, there is the Carl S. English, Jr. Botanical Garden.  The flowers were beautiful and we walked around for a bit although it had started to sprinkle.

seattle-7seattle-9 seattle-10 seattle-11 seattle-12 seattle-13 seattle-14 seattle-15 seattle-16

Then we continued on our way towards Anacortes.


Since we were early to catch our ferry, we walked around as the sun was starting to set.

seattle-19 seattle-20 seattle-21 seattle-22

When the ferry arrived, we drove on and then got out of the car to get a better look outside.  I first looked right and was impressed with the view of the big moon.


But then I turned left and saw a view even more impressive:

seattle-23 seattle-24 seattle-25 seattle-27 seattle-28

Initially we were a little bummed to be headed to Orcas Island so late, but the scenery immediately took away that thought.  Dang it Washington, you are a beauty.

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