sam + drew get married, part 5

On our last day in Bayfield a few of us woke early to head to Houghton Falls for a hike. 

In the lobby we said good-bye to Grandma since she was headed straight home. Her great-granddaughter Capri played some tunes for her before they said their good-byes. 

On our way to the Falls, we made one last trip past some roadside junk. I made Andy pull over so I could get a picture. My one picture doesn't even come close to showing how much stuff was there or for how far the pile went on down the road. Wow. If you are looking for something, chances are it is in that pile though! 

The hike we went on led all the way to Lake Superior. I'm glad I didn't pass this up. 

When we returned to the entrance of the trail, we said good-bye to Sam and her friend Jamie and continued on our way to the cabin in St. Germain, where we had started our trip just days before. 

Unfortunately it was raining when we arrived, so we were stuck indoors for a while. That was OK with me though. We had a puzzle to put together!

Every time Katie and I go to the cottage, it's our goal to put together the WI puzzle. After many years, it's looking a little sad and missing a piece, but we still NEED to put it together. We even time ourselves now, since it's fun to have a goal. I don't have our latest time [although it's written down up north] but we did pretty well. We probably could have done better if Andy didn't complain so much. [Side note, he might be banned from helping next time, he didn't take puzzle putting together seriously.] 

At one point during the on and off rain, we noticed a deer outside. She had with her THREE little ones. I snuck outside to try and get a few pictures. It's hard to see them all below, but it was quite a great sight. 

The rest of the afternoon was filled with some time down at the dock, Katie and Andy going for a bike ride, and go-karts. We took a trip to the grocery store to pick up food for supper, and made a stop at Elmer's Fun Park. Katie wanted to say hi to some old friends and long story short, I was forced to go-kart, mainly because it wouldn't have been safe for Katie's brewing baby, so I had to go against Andy. Of course I got the SLOW cart and he passed me. Go figure.

As daylight was coming to an end, we cooked our brats over the campfire and made s'mores. When it was completely dark out, Katie entertained us with her fireworks show. There was one dud in the bunch and one which tried to attack us spectators on the deck of the house. It was a close call! But, we still have our hearing and all our limbs, so it was a successful end to our trip.