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Another trip post!  Too many pictures, so I'm trying to break them up! I usually don't take many pictures from the car, but this trip I seemed to take a bunch.  Here's a few from our drive from the airport to hotel and also on our way to visit friends in Sammamish.

seattle-1 seattle-2 seattle-3 seattle-4 seattle-5 seattle-7 seattle-8 seattle-10

Here are a few more from downtown Seattle, a few hours after we got engaged.

seattle-12 seattle-13 seattle-14 seattle-15 seattle-16 seattle-17 seattle-18

Still trying to figure out why it took our third trip to Pike Place Market to know there was a gum wall.

seattle-19 seattle-20 seattle-21 seattle-22 seattle-23 seattle-24 seattle-25 seattle-26 seattle-27 seattle-29 seattle-31 seattle-32 seattle-33 seattle-34 seattle-35 seattle-36

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