printing instagram pictures


I take a lot of pictures on my phone.  Most get uploaded to Instagram and there they stay.  I've occasionally printed some of the pictures through various online places.  I've rounded up all the different websites / apps I've tried for those of you curious where to print your Instagram pictures. 


I think it's safe to say Origrami has been my favorite find so far.  Their quality is spectacular and although they are located in Australia, they ship for free all over the world.  I've only bought the retroprint option and have been beyond thrilled with them.  I have a bunch of these 4" x 5" matte cards up around the house because I love the size and love how crisp and clear the printing is.

STICKY GRAM [apparently now Sticky9]

Instagram magnets!  I ordered these years ago and I was about to say the printing quality wasn't that great but then I remembered they were taken with my iPhone 3s which didn't take the most amazing pictures to begin with.  So, I'm sure with better quality photos, the magnets would turn out clearer.  I should also mention their strength isn't that great so don't expect them hold up more than a piece of paper.

[Yes, there are still remnants of my Arrested Development party on the fridge.]


I had the idea that I was going to put all our vacation Instagram pictures into separate books.  But after I made this New York book, I found out about Artifact Uprising [more info below] and decided I liked their product a little bit more, hence why I only have this one book from Blurb.

That said, I still like this book and how easy it was to make on the Blurb site.


Meh.  I guess I enjoyed how easy it was to order these prints right from my phone through the app, but otherwise I'm just not overly excited about the print quality [for some reason it looks better here than in real life!].


Another easy way to order from an app but I like this service way better.  Once I found Postagram I started to send a bunch of postcards to friends, especially if I was on a trip.  It was fun to use my own picture instead of buying a postcard from a store.  The app makes it easy to pick a photo and then pick a friend's address from the contact list in your phone.  You can even write a little message to the receiver.


I'm quite sure this mini book is the first item I ever printed using Instagram photos.  I'm not sure if it's the case anymore, but I wasn't too pleased that the photos I picked for the book were printed randomly.  The pictures I choose were from our second trip to Seattle / Orcas Island and I wanted them in order based on where we went on the trip.  I was a bit disappointed to find them all mixed up.  Otherwise, it's a cute little book.

At a later date, I made mini prints from Printstagram which I love.  Printing quality as well as the thick card stock used is great.  Plus, they are a great size for decorating packages.

[Photo CD packaging.]

[A 'lil gift for someone special.]


As mentioned earlier I found out about Artifact Uprising and decided to use them to print out my vacations.  I made this book about our third trip to Seattle / Orcas Island before I realized I didn't have a smart phone on our first trip out there so I can't make all three books.  [I could use my DSLR camera pictures, but it's not the same.]

Anyway, I love this product and especially the fact that the book pages are printed on 100% Post-Consumer Waste recycled paper.

I'd love to hear if there are any other places you've printed out your Instagram pictures.  If so, do tell!