photos at the salon

Last September marked the second time I went to Rob's Riverwood Salon in Fond du Lac to take pictures for the owner Brenda and an employee / friend of hers, Gariann. The back of the salon has a beautiful grassy area complete with trees which add some nice shade to photograph in. 

First up was Brenda and her family. They are a fantastic and easy family to photograph, except for their dog Bella who is a bit of a challenge. However, I should state, a FUN challenge. They warned me she'd be crazy, but I figured nothing like the year before when she was just a 'lil puppy. But yes, Bella was still hyper and crazy, but extremely cute. 

Afterwards, I photographed Gariann and her black lab Swobie. He's an adorable pup, filled with energy making him a joy to photograph. 

It's been an honor to take pictures for Brenda + Gariann twice now. I hope to meet up with them [AND Bella + Swobie] again in the future!