oreo party, part 2

I had a lot of fun making things for the Oreo Party. The first thing I made was the invite. I really wish I could take credit for the text, but it was something I remember hearing back in middle school. I didn't listen to the New Kids on the Block, but knew of them because of a neighbor who was into them. I can't tell you exactly who came up with the parody, but I remember a good friend told me about it and I thought it was hilarious. Now years later, the joke makes it onto an invite for an Oreo party. Pretty crazy. 

[UPDATE: I just learned that Weird Al wrote the Oreo parody of NKOTB's 'The Right Stuff'. My childhood feels like a lie because I wasn't told that until now. Bummer. However, I do want to thank Liz for pointing out my mistake. I'm sure the rest of you are just laughing behind my back for not knowing, which isn't very nice!]

Before I go into more details about decorations, I want to show that Herbie is a good helper and likes to be involved in photo shoots. 

Back to the decorations. I thought it would be nice to have signs by each Oreo. I could have kept all the Oreos in their original packaging, but what fun would that be? They needed to be nicely presented, so I convinced my friend Megan [who has the best handwriting ever] to write each flavor on black card stock. 

Megan also helped me with tassel garland [seen above next to the invites] which was quite easy after following some directions I found online. It was also a very cheap project as the tissue paper was on clearance at Target. 

A few weeks before the party, I found this amazing Ziggy cartoon in the free Wednesday paper we get. It was fate. 

It was probably a few days before the party that I randomly remembered I had an autographed picture of Chubby Checker with an Oreo mascot. Luckily it was in my autograph binder [yes, I have a binder of autographs, most more embarrassing than this] and it was easy to find. My memory tells me that I got this as a young girl while grocery shopping with my mom at Pick 'N Save one Saturday morning. My mom has not been able to confirm nor deny this memory, so I will just stick with it. 

If you saw my post about my cousin's baby shower, you've seen these milk cartons before. I had a bunch left over so I decided to decorate them with black and white washi tape, stamp OREO on them and use them for people to take extra cookies home in. 

The straws and napkins I had were bought at Target. The super cute cups are from Susty Party [I used some of their plates for my wedding reception and I love their products]. 

There were a bunch of cookies left after the Oreo party, even though everyone took some home. Since I still had some of each cookie left, I thought it would be fun to take pictures of each flavor. 

Below you click to enlarge any cookie you'd like [but you can't eat it, sorry].