orcas island


Our first morning on Orcas Island, we got up early to head to Mount Constitution.  Although we've been there two times in the past, it was nice to go during sunrise and while no one else was there. orcas-1 orcas-2 orcas-3 orcas-4 orcas-5

Our next stop after Mount Constitution was going to be at Cafe Olga for breakfast.  We've  heard great things about this cafe, but haven't been able to try it yet.

As we pulled up to the cafe, I noticed something was wrong - about half the building was charred.  [We ran into a couple shortly after who explained it was an arsonist.]

Although hungry and bummed about Cafe Olga, we still walked around Olga a bit since we had never been there.

orcas-7 orcas-8 orcas-9 orcas-10 orcas-11 orcas-12

Next stop was Doe Bay.  We heard there was a good cafe there, but of course we got there and it wasn't open for another hour.

orcas-13 orcas-14 orcas-15

We eventually just headed back to Eastsound and had breakfast there.

orcas-16 orcas-17 orcas-18 orcas-19 orcas-20 orcas-21 orcas-22 orcas-23 orcas-24

Orcas - you are by far my favorite island.  Everything is just so serene [despite the ugliness of an arsonist on the island].

There are so many other places I want to travel to - yet, I still can't wait until I get back to you.


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