olympic [party] dreams


The last day of the Winter Olympics is upon us.  Technically the games are actually over, even though we have yet to see the closing ceremonies here.  Anyway, I still wanted to share my party dreams. olympics-17

I know most people have dreams to be IN the Olympics, however, my dream is to have the ultimate Olympics party.

For the 2012 summer games, my friend Amber and I put together a pretty fantastic party.  Since I never shared those pictures here, I will now to prove how great it was.

Before the games, everyone got their official Olympic portrait taken with the sport of their choice.  Below you will see that Eric chose cycling and I chose ribbon dancing.


Following the portraits came the opening ceremonies.  The music started, bubbles were floating around in the air, and out from the garage we walked with homemade country flags in hand. 

olympics-7After the ceremony, the flags were placed into the ground and the games began!


Even Jimmy Haha came to cheer on the USA.


The games we played included: bean bag toss, grand prize game [similar to what was played on Bozo], croquet, water balloon shot-put, Wii bowling, and guess the amount of USA Cheerios.


There was enough fuel to help us get through the games.

olympics-4olympics-12 olympics-18 olympics-9 olympics-8

Herbie didn't look too thrilled with the games.

olympics-10 olympics-19

At the end of the day, the points were tallied and the medals were handed out for overall highest points.


USA came away with the gold, while South Korea got silver and Greece was short behind with bronze.

olympics-14 olympics-16

In the time leading up to the winter games, there were many thoughts of what could be done.  The summer party was good, but we could do better!  However, for a few reasons, the grand winter Olympics party didn't happen.  I did however, bring my Olympics box up from the basement and put some of the decorations from the summer games out at the last minute  before the opening ceremonies began.  It made due.

olympics-23 olympics-27 olympics-28 olympics-29

I also quickly made chocolate Olympic pretzel rings and mini taco rings [which I apologize look disgusting in this picture].  Original summer party planner helper Amber was called over and we had a Winter Olympics opening ceremony mini-party.


olympics-20 olympics-24

As much fun as we had - it's not really what I had in mind.  Ideally this is how we would have celebrated the 2014 Winter Games:

As luck would have it, our town has 5 Os.  There are 5 Olympic rings.  See where I'm going?


This would make for a fantastic logo somehow combining the Olympic rings and the 5 Oconomowoc Os.

In the center on the city we have a  giant 5 O statue which is in the middle of a roundabout.


From our house, we would run with the torch [a lit tiki torch].  Once at the statue, we'd circle the roundabout.  Hopefully we'd get the city to close the roundabout for about a half hour for this event.  People are already confused by the roundabout, no need to confuse them more with Olympic enthusiasts running around with a lit tiki torch.


Afterwards we'd head back to the house and play some winter-themed games.

When it would come time to award medals, we'd head back downtown.  Assuming USA would win, this bandshell is perfect since the American flag is already proudly displayed.  We'd just need some kind of device to play the national anthem.  A phone would be fine, I guess.

olympics-31And at this bandshell is where the games would come to a close.

Since we missed this great opportunity, plans for the 2016 summer games will need to be in the works soon so I can live out my dream of BEST OLYMPIC PARTY EVER.