newborn lucas

Meet Lucas. He is my cousin's first child, so technically he is my first-cousin-once-removed. What a terrible "title". From here on out, I am his cousin-aunt and he is my cousin-nephew. Sounds better and rings more true since his mom is basically the sister I never had. 

Right after Lucas was born, I posted a few pictures of him. I'm happy she picked the hospital near my house to have her baby at so I could easily visit multiple times during her stay. 

About a week after he was born I took some more pictures of little Lucas. I wouldn't say he loved his photoshoot but he was a trooper. He was most content being held and I love the shots I got of his dad holding him, all wide-eyed. 

I'm glad I got to capture these moments for his parents I'm also glad I got to spend some extra time with this guy, my cousin-nephew.