new york, donuts

I saved my last New York post to dedicate to donuts. No vacation is complete without donuts, right? Maybe we overdid it, but a] we just got married and needed to celebrate and b] when you walk roughly 9 miles a day in New York, I think it's justified. 

The first place we tried was the Doughnuttery. I was already drawn to the name of this donut place because if you know the old TV show Strangers With Candy and you know me then you know that I love names like Sticky Bunnery, Dry Cleanerie, and Corn Doggery. 

Anyway, back to the donuts. The Doughnuttery has mini donuts that can be sprinkled with a variety of different sugars. Also, you can also choose a dipping sauce! We got 3 cinnamon sugar and 3 glazed mini donuts with beer caramel dipping sauce. Delicious. 

We took our donuts to the High Line, grabbed some coffee and people watched for a while. 

We stopped at Dough the morning we went for our bike ride. They had quite a variety and these donuts were HUGE. 

Just like our first trip to New York, we went to Doughnut Plant the morning before leaving. These are the donuts we would have had at our wedding if possible. This place is the best.

The two donuts we split were raspberry + carrot cake. 

Thanks for the great donuts, New York.