new york, day 3 + 4

Day 3 in New York was a busy one and we started the day off with a bike ride. The hotel we stayed at, the NU Hotel, had a bunch of bikes which made it easy [and free!] to get around. We rode all the way to Bed - Stuy for a donut and then to Louis Valentino Jr. Park park in Red Hook to try and get a nice view of the Statue of Liberty.   

During our ride, we came across Cacao Prieto. They were closed but a worker noticed us looking curiously inside so he allowed us in to take a peek. While paying for a bar of chocolate, out of the corner of my eyes, I thought I saw an animal. The employee must have saw my look of confusion and told us we could go in the back courtyard where they kept chickens!

Eric got to hold one while the rest scattered around. One little chicken was sad looking as she had lots of missing feathers. She was new and had been rescued since at the last place she lived, she had been picked on [or should I said picked AT]. 

After our busy morning, we took it a bit easier and just strolled around in the afternoon. We had no where to be until later on that evening, so we just strolled around, inching ourselves closer to Times Square.

We had tickets to see Phil Hanley + Phriends at Carolines on Broadway and it was recommended that we arrive around an hour before the show. Upon arriving and noticing no one else there, we realized we were actually TWO hours early. Instead of venturing out into the craziness that is Times Square we just decided to stay in the club and hang out. 

The show was fun, however, it was unfortunate to only see a little over a dozen people there. 

On day 4 we had very few hours to do anything before we needed to be at the airport. The only things I really remember from that morning was walking around our hotel's neighborhood and DOGS. I quickly have to back up to our first day when we were walking around and saw a handmade sign outside of someone's brownstone house. There was a cute hand-drawn picture of a dog and the words read "My Dinner With Tigey". Below there were some more specifics about having dinner at the house with the dog (the most Brooklyn thing ever?). As we saw this sign, we also saw Tigey sleeping on the ground. Honestly I was really intrigued by this but at the same time, it sounded a bit scary. 

Anyway, back to our last day there, we are walking around and as we walk by a coffee shop I see a dog outside and exclaim "I think it's Tigey!". As we got closer, the owner was on her way out of the shop. We asked if we could pet her dog and she allowed us and told us "Tigey just loves people!". IT WAS TIGEY! I admit I was a bit more excited than I probably should have been, but it felt like I had just met a celebrity. 

After meeting the owner and Tigey, I really do wish we would have done the Dinner With Tigey. 

As we arrived back to the hotel to grab our luggage, this was my final image of our trip.